First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 8th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1999/2000


  • Tivadar MACH (Hungary)
    Analysis of A Special Motion Performed by A Chain
  • Karol SZAŁOWSKI (Poland)
    The Effect of The Solar Eclipse on The Air Temperature near The Ground
  • Daniel IONITA (Romania)
    A Study on The Formation of Porous Silicon and A Computer Simulation of The Process
  • Nemanja Lj. SPASOJEVIC (Yugoslavia)
    Effect of Charging on Profiles of Micro Trenches Etched by Plasma in SiO2
  • Stefan SALOM (Yugoslavia)
    Chaotic Behaviour of A Driven Pendulum
  • Stevan NADJ-PERGE (Yugoslavia)
    Simulation of Planetary Formation

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Shishir Harish KAPOOR (India)
    The Study of The Effect of Concentration and Temperature on Surface Tension
  • Zoya HEIDARI (Iran)
    Why Do We See Benham's Colours?
  • Hagbi NETANEL (Israel)
    AC Loses in High-Temperature Superconductor BSCCO Hollow Cylinder with Induced Current
  • Nitin GUPTA (Jordan)
    Dielectrics for Microwave Communication
  • Daiga CEPITE (Latvia)
    Photoisomerisation Processes of Azobenzene Derivatives in Langmuir-Blodgett Films
  • Marek OLSZEWSKI (Singapore)
    The Effect of Moisture on The Tensile Strength of Paper
  • Banu BIRLIK (Turkey)
    Categorising of Neutron Stars with Different Parameters and Observations of Crab and Vela Supernovae


  • Zohrab NIFTALIYEV (Azerbaijan)
    A New Point of View on The Orbit of Mercury
  • FU Qiushi (China)
    Physical Methods in Mathematics
  • Aniket MAHANTI (India)
    To Suggest a New Method for Generating Electricity from Solar Energy
  • Parastou BEHROUZI (Iran)
    The Study of Chain Dropping Movement on The Ground
  • BAY Hanwei Jason (Singapore)
    Blind Source Separation Using Classified Independent Component Analysis
  • Mesut SEKEROGLU (Turkey)
  • Seyit Ahmet GULER (Turkey)
    On The Magnetic Induction Calorimeter
  • Kayan GUNGOR (Turkey)
    Ceramic Temperature Sensors and Thermal Resistors Containing The Mixture of Metal Oxides
  • Aleksei Evgenovich MISLYUK (Ukraine)
    Isobaric Thermal Conductivity of Solid SF6


  • Ivana TOMOVIC (Croatia)
    Fresh Water from The Sea
  • Vlaho BUTIJER (Croatia)
    Application of The Torsion Rod for Measurements of Small Forces
  • Shoumojit BANERJEE (India)
    A Low-Cost Teaching Aid to Demonstrate A Simple Electric Motor
  • Manu VAISHAKH (India)
    A Multipurpose Optical Fibre Sensor - Design and Performance Analysis
  • Ghazal DADARY (Iran)
    From A Spot in The Sun to A Seed in The Earth
  • Hessam MALEKI (Iran)
    Computerised Gyroscopic Compass for Aeroplanes
  • Abdel Munem AMIN (Jordan)
    Detection of The Earthquakes
  • Jovan CENEV (Macedonia)
    Wilson's Cloud Chamber
  • Fani PAVLOVSKA (Macedonia)
    Study on Mechanical Motion by Multiple Photographs
  • Ferit CAKICI (Turkey)
    Electronically Sensitive Density Measuring System
  • Hasan BILGIN (Turkey)
    The Use of Rotating Fluid As A Parabolic Mirror
  • Pavel SERGEEV (Ukraine)
    Determination of The Dust Concentration in The Air
  • Andrey CHUPRAKOV (Uzbekistan)
    Determination of Purity of Liquids by Using Their Dielectric Properties
  • PHAM Ngoc Ha (Vietnam)
    A Method of Measurements of The Magnetic Induction by Using Materials Available in The High School Laboratory