First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 23rd International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2014/2015


  • Atsuki Aoki (Japan)
    Cyclic Analysis of PET-Bottle Oscillator

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • David Ackerman (Israel)
    Asymptotic solution for the “frost heave” phenomenon in freezing porous media
  • Nir Ben Abu (Israel)
    The proposal for implementation of quantum computer using molecular magnets
  • Yarden Ben Hamo (Israel)
    Freezing of the porous media: the condition for existence of the freezing zone
  • Sapir Bitan (Israel)
    Analysis of the heat and moisture transfer in porous media under phase transitions conditions: generalized Stefan model
  • Baran Berdan Cimen (Turkey)
    Comparison of cancer cell magnetic nanoparticle uptake in ac and pulsed-ol magnetic fields
  • Matan Dahan (Israel)
    The freezing process of porous media in temperature spectrum tree-zone model
  • Elisabeth Grigiriady (Israel)
    A model of freezing process in porous media with allowance for the non-instantaneous kinetics
  • Hyun Soo Kiim (Republic of Korea)
    On the motion of candle smoke concealed from external air
  • Jongchan Park (Republic of Korea)
    Analysis of the features of cylindrical pipes using “sound wave” and the construction of a Korean
  • Ron Sigalov (Israel)
    Computer analysis of respiratory sounds
  • Candu Ünlü (Turkey)
    Rigid buildings with sporosarcina pasteurii asymptotic
  • Ozan Yucel (Turkey)
    Developing transparent electrode based on graphene on optoelectronic device applications


  • Lovorka Gajovic (Croatia)
    Measurement and Physical Background of Artificial Lighting Spectra
  • Andrew Shacker (USA)
    The practicality of Satellite-based Laser Ablation of Space Debris


  • Fatih Akkocaoglu/Orhan Senturk (Turkey)
    Calculation of the contact angle of the angle of the liquid created with the solid surfaces with the automation system using the diffraction of light in the global surfaces
  • Kyungmin Kim (Republic of Korea)
    Physical analysis of balloon pressure with Young’s modulus
  • Yosi Kohen Kutucu (Turkey)
    Electromagnetic radiation hunter
  • Utku Ege Yildrim (Turkey)
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