First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 4th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1995/1996


Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Yihua SHEN (China)
    Experiment on Shortsight
  • Tolga TEKIN (Turkey)
    An Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Adsorption of Benzene, Aniline and Pyridine Sepiolite from the Deposits of Eskisehir (Turkey)
  • Ozgur TAS (Turkey)
    Finding Relation between Temperature and Energy
  • Andrey KRAHMAL (Ukraine)
    Determination of Natural Leather Elasticity Characteristics by the "Resonance Oscillations" Method
  • Kazuhiro KOZAWA (Japan)
    Can a Paper Aeroplane do Loop the Loop?
  • Mehmet Ozgur AVINCSAL (Turkey)
    On Surface Temperature of the Sun
  • Can Evren YARMAN (Turkey)
    Reproduction of Speech Signals via Computer
  • Mustafa GUNERI (Turkey)
    Coloration Effect of Gamma Radiation in Amorphous Glasses
  • Filip MILETIC (Yugoslavia)
    A Computer Model of 2D Thermodynamic System
  • Charles TAHAN (USA)
    The El Nino Southern Oscillation - A Computation Model Utilizing Satellite Data
  • Dana MAZACKOVA (Czechlands)
    Magnetic and Thermomagnetic Properties of Fe86Zr7Cu1B6
  • Visvaldis VALTENSBERG (Latvija)
    Fractals and Percolation
  • Naomi S. BATES (USA)
    Detection of High Velocity Gas in Face-on Galaxies
  • S. N. MARCHUK (Belarus)
    Decay Times of the Pulsed Near-Surface Laser-Produced Plasma Formations in the Air
  • Artem Petrovich EVDOKIMENKO (Russia)
    Double Elliptical Pendulum with the Mobile Point of Suspension
  • Josef SEDLACEK (Czechlands)
    Light Scattering
  • Ahmad Mohammad SAFADI (Israel)
    Differential Thermal Analysis on a Single Sample
  • Despina SHOLIDOU (Greece)
    Boundaries and Stellar Content of the Stellar Associations LH 52 and LH 53 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
  • Ivan HARYUK (Ukraine)
    Associative Holographic Memory by the Selfconjugating Wavefront
  • Bashar Haitham HADDADEN (Jordan)
  • V. Y. KOBZAR (Belarus)
    Determination of Metal Impurities by Laser Ablation Atomic Emission Spectroscopy


  • Kerime ISTENGIR (Turkey)
    Simulation of Diffraction and Interference on Computer
  • Selsabil MANDHOUJ (Tunisia)
  • Michael PROUZA (Czechlands)
    Quantum Birth of Inflationary Universe
  • Then Han WUI (Malaysia)
    The Lower Atmosphere
  • Shorouq Samir SAHAWNEH (Jordan)
    Theory of Relativity


  • Osman OZCANLI (Turkey)
    Air Cushion Vehicle Experimentation and Application
  • Edward I. ESPERA (Philippines)
    Hydro-Displacement Weighting Device