First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 7th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1998/1999


  • Ana PEDISIC (Croatia)
    The Aerodynamic Testing of The Wing
  • Vaclav REHAK (The Czechlands)
    Prisoners' Dilemma
  • I Made Agus WIRAWAN (Indonesia)
    Analysis of Cubic Infinite Network of Resistors
  • Rafał KARTASZYŃSKI (Poland)
    Itinerant Antiferromagnetism As An Alternative Ordering of Disordered Local Moments
  • Alexander MIKHNENKO (Ukraine)
    Peculiarities of Reorientation of Liquid Crystals on Photoaligning Surface
  • Bryan LAULICHT (USA)
    Vortex Ring Propagation Through Tubes
  • Andrew Jesse MILLS (USA)
    Spatio-temporal Pattern Formation in A Capacitively Coupled, Quasi-two-dimensional Gas Discharge

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Alexander KISH (Belarus)
    Research on Non-Linear Optical Materials Based on Materials of Starobin Deposits
  • Ivan RAZVIN (Belarus)
    Optics of Planar LC-Cell
  • Viktor MAKOSKO (Belarus)
    The Liquid Crystal Lens
  • FENG Xuetao (China)
    Study on Pipe Resonance Phenomenon
  • Sinisa LJUBIC (Croatia)
    Polarisation of Light and Modulation of A Laser Beam
  • Sasa POTKONJAK (Croatia)
    Electrical and Thermal Properties of A Miniature Heating Element in A Chip Technology
  • Martin DIENSTBIER (The Czechlands)
    Optical Methods for Measuring Thin Layers of Photovoltaic Cells from Amorphous Hydrogenerated Silicon
  • Vladimir STEPANOV (Estonia)
    Surface Tension of Liquid Dielectric inside Charged Capacitor
  • H. Krishna PRAKASH (India)
    Colorimetric Methods for Water and Waste Water Analysis
  • Zahra TAVAKOLI (Iran)
    Studying of Stiffness Coefficient for A Spring Made of Human Hair
  • Oren GAL (Israel)
    Research of Metallic Glass Ribbon as Heating Element
  • Fani PAVLOVSKA (Macedonia)
    Atmospheric Refraction in Vicinity of The Horizon
  • Paweł MAZUR (Poland)
    Electrokinetic Phenomena
  • Marianna MALTSEVA (Russia)
    Samovar Physics
  • Zilong CHEN (Singapore)
    Ab Initio Computational Study of Gamma-Interactions in Silicon Clusters
  • Serkan CABI (Turkey)
    Effect of Temperature on Levitation Forces in YBa2Cu3O7-x
  • Nebi GUVEN (Turkey)
    Measurements of Thermal Alternations at Presence of Ultrasound
  • Mehmet Akif AKSOY (Turkey)
    Combination of Thermoelectricity and Piezoelectricity
  • Abdulvakkas ABDURAHMANOV (Uzbekistan)
    Localization of Holes in La2-xSrxCuO4
  • Bahadir KUTLUMURADOV (Uzbekistan)
    Influence of Radiation on Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  • Nikola PETROVIC (Yugoslavia)
    Monte Carlo Simulation of Particle Transport in An Absorbing Medium


  • Eduard Karl WITTING (Australia)
    Computer Voice Recognition
  • BAI Fan (China)
    A First Inquiry About The Connection Between Harmony of Music and Mathematical Physics
  • Marko CUPAC (Croatia)
    Processing of The Integrated Circuits And Physical Phenomena in Integrated Circuits
  • S. Nazanin ALEALI (Iran)
    Effect of Magnetic Field on Growth of Plants
  • Aman "Ahmad Rateb" Heydar ZANDAKI (Jordan)
    Effects of Gamma Radiation on Tomato Plants Growth
  • Edil SARIEV (Kazakhstan)
    Modification of The Subsurface Layers of Construction Material by The Impulsive Plasma
  • Cristan PANAITE (Romania)
    The Induction Coil
  • Ioana Bianca MOLDAN (Romania)
    Interaction of Beta-Rays with Substance
  • Lorant Andras SZOLGA (Romania)
    The Principle of The Optimum Project in Nature
  • Alexandr SAGALAKOV (Russia)
    Hydrodynamic Attraction of Ships
  • Anton GUREEV (Russia)
    Spreading of Low Level Laser Radiation in Biological Tissues
  • Si-Hui TAN (Singapore)
    Visual Perception of Observers Free-Falling into A Black Hole
  • Sergey KOZYREV (Ukraine)
    Phenomena in the Gap between Electrodes during Discharge
  • Vladimir Valentinivich SLUSARENKO (Ukraine)
    Study of the Problem of Conversion of Polymer Materials and Calculation of Thermal Capacity of Gas Mixture in A Pyrolise Reactor
  • Ilyas SULEYMANOV (Uzbekistan)
    The Characteristics of Electrical Conductivity of Liquids in Diluted Solutions for Direct and Alternating Currents
  • Danica STOJILJKOVIC (Yugoslavia)
    The FM Noise as A Random Numbers Generator


  • Sergey Leonodovich KARPOVICH (Belarus)
    Optoelectronic Device Based on Bistructural LC-Modulator
  • LI Song (China)
    An Attempt to Modifying the Even-Tempered Tuning System
  • Goran SERTIC (Croatia)
    An Application of Industrial Microscope in Recording of Semiconductor Chips
  • Denise Cristina COSMESCU (Romania)
    Apparatus for Determination of Concentration of Watery Suspension and Concentration of Cocaine and Heroine in Drugs
  • Gizem BOYACIOGLU (Turkey)
    Magnetic Accelerator
  • Yaroslav Mykolayovich KARACHEVTSEV (Ukraine)
    Determination of Relative Humidity by Scattering of Light on Molecules of Water
  • Alexander WISSNER-GROSS (USA)
    Rapid Granular Fabrication of Nanocircuitry - Modelling A Novel Process for the Macroscopic Control of Extended Nanoscopic Fullerene Structures
  • Ahmet GALYAUTDINOV (Uzbekistan)
    Regulator of Heating Used as A Heater