First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 15th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2006/2007


  • Alena Konstantinovna LEDOVSKAYA (Russia)
    The Device for Generation of Low Temperature Plasma of Super-High Frequency Gas Discharge
  • Dorde Ivan RADICEVIĆ (Serbia)
    A New Method for Discovering Analytically Solvable Theories in Quantum Mechanics
  • Ugljesa MILIĆ (Serbia)
    Numerical Simulation of The One-Dimensional Freely Evolving Granular Gas
  • Hyung-Mok SON (South Korea)
    Study of The Theoretical Model and Analysis of An Oscillating Magnet Which Rolls Down on Inclined Cooper Plate

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Vojtech SIMETKA (Czechlands)
    Electro-Mechanically Tuneable Filter
  • Mahmoud KALAEE (Iran)
    A New Method for Evaluation of Mass Loss Rate in Binary Systems
  • Boris VESELOV (Israel)
    Investigations of Magnetic Properties and States of Matter Transitions of Amorphous Metals
  • Mor TZABAN (Israel)
    Conductivity of One-Dimensional Conductors
  • Hiroki KATO (Japan)
    Analysis of Motion of A Cylinder Hit with Water
  • Shintaro ODA (Japan)
    The Caustic is A Dark Line, not Bright
  • Aleksejs ZAVORINS (Latvia)
    Solid State Material Luminescence and Practical Study of Its Basic Processes
  • Martins POMMERS (Latvia)
    The Determination of A Gliders Flying Quality
  • Magdalena SECKOVA (Macedonia)
    General Features of Climate in Valandovo
  • Edvin MEMET (Romania)
    Model for The Intensity Pattern of The Laser Beam Passing Trough A Capillary Tube - Extending Babinet's Principle for Transparent Apertures
  • Oana Raluca GEORGIAN (Romania)
    Results Obtained with Regards to Electric Properties of Certain Ceramics with Molybdenum Oxide in Romania
  • Jirayoot SRISAKUNKAN (Thailand)
    The Study of Factors That Affect The Efficiency of The Liquid-Dropping Head
  • Roman Alexandrovich KUZNETSOV (Ukraine)
    Investigation of The Relationship between Structure and Superconducting Characteristics of Magnesium-Diboride-Based Materials
  • Colin Alexander MACLEAN (USA)
    Synthesis and Characterization of A Functionalized Carbon Nanotube/Polyaniline Composite
  • Geoffrey Hubert WOO (USA)
    Electron Work Function Changes Produced by Deformation and Defects


  • Kanad SAHA (India)
    Fabrication of Low Cost Telescope and Monochromator to Study Solar and Lunar Spectra
  • Yashovardhan Uday WAGH (India)
    Estimation of Concentration of Aqueous & Hydrocarbon Solutions by Using Refraction
  • Widya NURROHMAN (Indonesia)
    Gravity in Daily: The Delay of Gravity
  • Maryam Sadat MASOUDIAN (Iran)
    El Nino and La Nina, Children of Tropics in Persian Gulf
  • Aydar KEMELBAY (Kazakhstan)
    Synthesis and Studying of A Luminofor Used in Defectoscopy and Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation
  • Anthon Mark Jay Alguno RIVAS (Philippines)
    Novel Shield Against Gamma Radiation from Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) Scales: The Next Generation of Radiation Protection
  • Alexandru DUMITRESCU (Romania)
    Original Experimental and Theoretical Contribution Regarding The Techniques of Holographic Interferometry
  • Ronnape CHAICHAOWARAT (Thailand)
    On The Drag Coefficient
  • Anil KARATAS (Turkey)
    On Absorbtion of Solar Energy in Biochemical Colloidal Solution
  • Mustafa TUFEKCI (Turkey)
    Investigations of Electrolysis at Presence of High Energy Sound Waves
    The Ambiguity of Dark Matter and Dark Energy


  • Mahamad Mahdi GHAZIZADEH (Iran)
    Refractive Thermometer
  • Maziyar VAHDATY (Iran)
    Electrostatic Filter and Studying Its Parameters
  • Mohammad Mahdi ASSEFZADEH (Iran)
    Object Tracer and Velocity-meter
  • Shiva MAHDAVI SERESHT (Iran)
    A Dual Device: Microscope and Telescope
  • Alexandr Vadimivich BELOV (Russia)
    Absolute Geographical Compass and Differential Gravimeter
  • Ivan Evgenyevich KARPOV (Russia)
    The Float Accelerometer and Its Use on The Lessons of Physics
  • Mikhail Olegovich SERGEEV (Russia)
    Investigation of Possible Use of CD as A Diffraction Lattice
  • Yana Olegovna VALYUK (Russia)
    Plasma Needle
  • Ekrem Can UNUTMAZLAR (Turkey)
    Measurement of Frequencies of Microvibrations
  • Tunc UZLU (Turkey)
    PC Thermometer for Monitoring The Temperature of A Medium on PC
  • Scott Edward HARPOOL (USA)
    Fabrication of A Dye-Sensitized Titanium Dioxide Photovoltaic Panel