First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 2nd International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1993/1994


Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Fatih Akdemir (Turkey)
    Using Ultrasound to Determine Densities of substances and automation of this process
  • Teniou Amine (Algeria)
    Thermic Properties of Materials and Insulation
  • Joseph Chua (Canada)
    Mapping Fractures in the Lac du Bonnet Batholith Using Radar Reflection, Standard Borehole Logging and VLF-EM Surveys
  • Cheng Calvino Ka-Wing (Canada)
    Analysis of Boomerang Orbit Diameters
  • Ahmet Goelcue (Turkey)
    Physical Research of Buildings
  • Yigit S. Guener (Turkey)
    Conductivity of Solids and Liquids with Different Chemical Properties
  • Fotis Karabotis (Greece)
    Connecting the Electricity and the Pressure of Gases
  • Taras Kobernik (Ukraine)
    Rubber Engine and its Efficiency
  • Mahdi Arnan Abbas Ali (Kuwait)
    An Accurate Laser Refractometer for Liquids
  • Erkan Mustafa Oeztuerk (Turkey)
    Optoelectronical Taps
  • Alexei Ovsyannikov (Ukraine)
    The Stretched Membrane as a Space Model of Gravitational Field (field of central force)
  • Graham R. Patrick (Great Britain)
    Emission Spectra of Elements
  • Dmitriy S. Semyonov (Ukraine)
    The Theoretical Conclusions from the Laws of Electrolysis and Magnetolysis - The Experimental Checking up these Laws
  • Andrzej Sobczak (Poland)
    The Effect of Laser Radiation on the Macroscopic Characteristics of the Surfaces and Surface Layers of Selected Metals
  • Goektan Tosun (Turkey)
    Age's Invention: C60


  • Wisam Gazi Arouk (Israel)
    The Physical Basis of Heart Catheterization
  • Dejan Desovski (Macedonia)
    Fractal Behaviour of Crumpled Objects
  • Nossailah Nabeel Dibbini (Israel)
    Laser Beam
  • Doukopoulos Alexandros (Greece)
    Study of Coastal Constructions
  • Sherif El-Sayed Hegazy (Egypt)
    Air & Liquid Pressure
  • Abhishek Mathur (India)
    Metal Forming
  • Ganna Mohamed Nazim (Algeria)
    Structure and Properties of Platinum Metals
  • Steve Serefoglou (Greece)
    Two-to-One-Way Rotation Converter


  • Boban Jose (India)
    Five measuring Instruments
  • Jan Mojzis (Slovakia)
    Simple Astronomical Mirror Telescope
  • Dawit Negussie Sahle (Ethiopia)
    Detachable Speaker