First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 13th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2004/2005


  • Anike Nelce BOWAIRE (Indonesia)
    Chaos in an Accelerated Rotating Horizontal Spring
  • Dhina Pramita SUSANTI (Indonesia)
    Curved Motion of A Shuttlecock
  • Marina RADULASKI (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Trajectories Relevant for Calculation of Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics
  • Stanley Shang CHIANG (USA)
    A Step Closer to the Quantum Computer: Fabrication of Novel Superconducting Josephson Junctions to Couple Multiple Flux States of a Quantum Bit

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Shaodi N. A. YOU (China)
    Why Are Some Mirages Inverted?
    Measuring the Solar Constant
  • Inna OSTER (Israel)
    Optical Absorption as a Method to Characterize Materials in High-Technology
  • Juris BRAUCS (Latvia)
    High-Speed Catamaran Keel Optimalization with Mathematical Modelling
  • Renate CAKULE (Latvia)
    The Amazing World of Coins
  • Grzegorz Daniel BRZEZINKA (Poland)
  • Vasiliy Evgenevich USTIMCHIK (Russia)
    "The Ural Cube" - A Method of Converting Thermal Energy of Environment into Useful Work with no Temperature Difference in the Environment, but with Random or Periodic Changes of Environment Temperature in Time
  • Dmitrij SOKOLOV (Russia)
    To the Question on Physics of Destruction by Volume-Spatial Cutoff
  • Chong ZHAO (Singapore)
    Development of a Position and Velocity Dependent Friction Model
  • Ahmet TEKIN (Turkey)
    Determination and Mapping of Surface Deformation Trough the Interference Properties of Light
  • Emily Brook PETROFF (USA)
    Spiral Galaxy Type vs. Galactic Rotational Velocity


  • Haver AHMEDOVA (Azerbaijan)
    Cleaning Water Basins from Oil Pollution by Using Polymer Wastes
  • Pasha PASHAYEV (Azerbaijan)
    A New Method of Economizing Energy in Treatment of Textile Materials
  • Snezhana TASHEVA (Bulgaria)
    How to Estimate Influence of the GSM Radiation on Our Body?
  • Ivan Nedkov DIMITROV (Bulgaria)
    An Influence of the Solar Activity on the Meteorological Processes in the Polar Region of Mars
  • Misa MATSUNO (Japan)
    How Can the Pendulum Be Inverted?
  • Indra SURKOVA (Latvia)
  • Ilya IVANOV (Russia)
    Calculations of Heat Losses through Windows in Conditions of the North
  • Milos Zivko SRECKOVIC (Serbia & Montenegro)
    Monte Carlo Simulation of Laser Cooling


  • Daiki NEMOTO (Japan)
    Construction of Personal Wind Tunnel for Visualizing Air Flow
  • Ieva SILE (Latvia)
    Thin Membrane of New Azobenzene Compounds for Optical Shifts in Molecular Electronics
  • Namgui IM (South Korea)
    Study on Production of Optical Nanostructure by Using SPM and Computer Simulation
  • Orhan Ertugrul GUCLU (Turkey)
    Superconducting Gaussmeter