First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 5th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1996/1997


Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Alexander NARINSKIY (Belarus)
    Water Stream
  • Shijun XIAO (China)
    The Conservation of Linear Momentum in the Interaction of Electron and Photon
  • Srdan KOVACEVIC (Croatia)
    Chaotic Behaviour of Coupled LC Oscillators
  • Filip MATEJKA (Czechlands)
    Ranque-Hilsch Tube
  • Filip TUOMISTO (Finland)
    Buoyancy-Driven Exchange Flow through Small Openings in a Horizontal Partition
  • Reshimi VISWANATHAN (India)
    Study on Variations of the Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Anand PUSHKAR (India)
    Compression of an Spherical Elastic Body Falling on a Flat Surface
  • J. Harish PRABHU (India)
    On the Observational Limit and the Variation in the Gravitational Constant
  • GAURAV (India)
    Optical Properties of Thin Films
  • Guneet RAI (India)
    Understanding the Sun - A New Approach
  • C. SMITHA (India)
    Heating Effect of Solar Energy
  • Sormeh SHADBAKHT (Iran)
    Determination of the Spider's Web Tensile Strength
  • Michael SAHAF (Israel)
    Dwarf Novae
  • Manar M. KAWAR (Israel)
    Spots on CE Bootes (CE Boo)
  • Eyad JUBRAN (Israel)
    Existence of a Black Hole in the Binary System Cyg X-1
  • Aivars SMAUKSTELIS (Latvia)
    Research of Fullerenes Surface Topography
  • Katrina DUKA (Latvia)
    Solid C60 - Synthesis, Chromatography of Fullerene and Crystals Growth
  • Aleksandar DONEV (Macedonia)
    Oscillations of Elastic Non-homogeneous Rubber String
  • Adam RYCERZ (Poland)
    Modelling the Effect of Stoichiometry on the Finite-Temperature Thermomechanical Properties of SiC
  • Mateusz STACHLEWSKI (Poland)
    The Influence of Periodic Excitation of a Varying Number of Neurons on the memory Capacity of a Hopfield-Hebb Neural Network
  • Azat AKHMADEEV (Russia)
    Derivation of the Equation of State for Two-Component Powder Mixture of Condensed Materials
  • Bulat AKHMADEEV (Russia)
    On A Procedure of Calculating the Shock Adiabatic Curves for a Powder Being a Two-Component Mixture
  • Andrei SHKOLNIKOV (Russia)
    Anomalous Dependence of the Condensation Time of Water vs. Its Initial Temperature
  • Michael FATOV (Russia)
    Theoretical Simulation of Ion Sputtering of the Surface with Complex Geometry
  • Meng How TAN (Singapore)
    Investigation of CO adsorption on CVD grown Cu/ZnO and Cu/SiO2
  • Alexander A. TELYATNIKOV (Ukraine)
    The Computer Simulation of Crystal Structure and Properties of Solid on Atomic Level
  • Michael ZHURAVSKY (Ukraine)
    Dynamical Distributed Feedback Laser with Cavity
  • Dmitry Iliyev IVANOVICH (Ukraine)
    Effect of Thermodynamic Treatment of Transparent Dielectrics on Refractive Index of Solid Samples Other Geometric Objects
  • Yuri USHENKO (Ukraine)
    High Resolution Polarisation Diagnostics of Rough Surfaces and Internal Stress of Layers
  • Katrina Ariel BOGDON (USA)
    The Effects of Ionising Radiation on Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • Andrew HUCKE (USA)
    The Physics of Archery: A Study of the Relationship between Arrow Velocity, Arrow Weight, and Bow Dynamics
  • Craig S. JONES (USA)
    The Kirlian Effect and the Identification of Bacteria: A Two-Year Study
  • Irina FEYGINA (USA)
    An Investigation into the Effects of Extremely Low Temperatures on the Rate of Electron Capture Beta Decay
  • Yuki David TAKAHASHI (USA)
    Symmetric Theory of Gravity
  • Ivan GRUJOVIC (Yugoslavia)
    Determination of Surface Tension Coefficient by Using Gravitation-Capillary Waves


  • Hrvoje TUTMAN (Croatia)
    Magnetic Hysteresis Curve
  • Ivica VLAHOVIC (Croatia)
    Determination of Electromagnetic Wave Speed
  • Savvas SARIPANIDIS (Greece)
    Quantum Mechanics and Black Holes
  • G. Prashanth KUMAR (India)
    Production and Utilisation of Banana Batteries
    Jupiter as a Star
  • Akanksha Rajesh DESAI (India)
    Quest for Cosmic Companion
  • Surabjit SIDHU (India)
    Unconventional Sources of Energy
  • Ankur SHARMA (India)
    Transfer of Heat
  • Ankit SANGAL (India)
    To Suggest a New Source of Energy for India to Generate Electricity from Chicken Waste
  • Kumari Sheeshna GUPTA (India)
    Simple Pendulum
  • Alia Ahmad ALAWNEH (Jordan)
    The Magnificent Aurora
  • Maria M. SHIHADEH (Jordan)
    The Schoedinger Wave Equation
  • Rawan Ghazi ABU-ZEITOON (Jordan)
    The Uncertainty Relations
  • Vladimir DZEPOVSKI (Macedonia)
    Optical Fibre Electronics
  • Vladimir PANORMOV (Russia)
    Method of Numerical Calculation of Mechanical Trajectories ...
  • Juraj STEFANIK (Slovakia)
    Fixing the Geographical Position According to the Stars
  • Jozef BEDNARIK (Slovakia)
    Graphic Presentation of Information from Brewer's Spectrophotometer in Ganovce
  • Simon RANKEL (Slovenia)
    Noise Measurements in the School
  • Hao-han HSU (Taiwan)
    A Simulation of Air Molecule Dynamics
  • Dmitry N. BELOUS (Ukraine)
    To the Matter of Reflection of Light from the Wavy Surface or What Causes the Moonlight Path
  • Dmitry MITIN (Ukraine)
    Research of Physical Space-time with Tensors, Spinors, Twistors and Other Geometric Objects
  • Victor Vladimirovich BONDARENKO (Ukraine)
    Change of Parameters of Semiconductors as a Result of Thermomagnetic Treatment
  • Serhey NOVOSHITSKY (Ukraine)
    Analysis of the Physico-Technical Effects for Transference of Floating Objects
  • Shakhriyor TURGUNOV (Uzbekistan)
    The Effects of Different Magnetic Fields on the Nervous System and Behaviour of Insects


  • Tobias VOLK (Germany)
    Safety-related Improvements at Nuclear Power Plants
  • Aniket MAHANTI (India)
    A Solar Power Station: An Implementation
  • Manu VAISHAKH (India)
    Design and Fabrication of a Fibre-optical Pressure Sensor
  • Nikhil DABAS (India)
    A New Type of Transformer
  • Rohini SHARMA (India)
    Thermoelectric Effect
  • Carolyne WASIKE (Kenya)
    Solar Cooker and Green House Effect
  • Kim Yaw TONG (Malaysia)
    Integrated Circuit Defects Emulator
  • Evren U. AZELOGLU (Turkey)
    Power Box
  • Osman OZCANLI (Turkey)
    The Holographic Transmission Concantrator
  • Mete KURAL (Turkey)
    Holographic Reflector, Concentrator Stirling Solar System
  • Leonid Mykolaiovich UKRAINETS (Ukraine)
    The Distant Measurements of Angular Orientation of the Rough Surface
  • Leonid Mykolaiovich UKRAINETS (Ukraine)
    The Investigations of the Rough Surfaces
  • Armond HONORE (USA)
    Ion-Propelled Aircraft
  • Nadirbek HUSEYINOV (Uzbekistan)
    The Usage of Optoelectronic Elements for Discovering or Measuring Dirtiness of Water and Air