First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 10th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2001/2002


  • Nora BUSMANE (Latvia)
    Photoisomerisation Processes of Azobenzene Derivatives in Doped Polymer Films
  • Gatis MIKELSONS (Latvia)
    Measuring the Rate of Gas Diffusion Using a Semiconductor Gas Sensor
  • BEH Shin Ming Eugene (Singapore)
    Catalytic Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
  • TAN Chun Ghee (Singapore)
    Sharp Platinum-Iridium Tips for Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
    Evolution in Motion: Orbital Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • ZHANG Cen (China)
    Heat-conduction Problem on an Infinite Square Network
  • Marian GROCKY (The Czechlands)
    Microscopic Structure Analysis of Ferroelastic Domain Walls and Antiphase Boundaries in Orthorhombic Phase of beta-K2SO4 Type
  • Assaf SHIMONY (Israel)
    Research of Flux Creep in High Temperature Superconductors
  • Grigory RUBSHTEIN (Israel)
    A Study of Temperature Influence on Magnetic Properties and Structure of Materials
  • Rana NASHASHIBI (Israel)
    The Radiation Released from Cellular Phones
  • Ivar KVALSVIK (Norway)
    "In vino veritas" - The Physics of a Singing Wineglass
  • Terje Glaso STOROY (Norway)
    Frequency Distribution of Standing Waves in Cylindrical Tubes Open at Each End
  • Grzegorz PLEWA (Poland)
    Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations
  • Enache RADU (Romania)
    The Effect of Material's Properties on the Seismic Behaviour of Steel Elements
  • Roman Vladimirovich KOKORIN (Russia)
    The Role of the Wave Nature of Light in Process of Forming Optical Images and Resolving Power of Optical Instruments
  • Uzeyir ARISUT (Turkey)
    The Making and Testing of Superconductor Based Fault Current Limiter
  • Tatyana BURYK (Ukraine)
    Magic Propeller
  • Andry Valerievich KLESHCHONOK (Ukraine)
    Using the Lennard-Jones Fluid Model for Some Liquid Hydrocarbons
  • Mihailo CUBROVIC (Yugoslavia)
    Physical Characteristics and Photomorphographic Model of Asteroid 3 Juno
  • Zsolt DIVEKI (Yugoslavia)
    Orbital Element Determination of Spectroscopic Binary Systems


  • Felipe Bergamin BORALLI (Brazil)
    Connecting Anti-matter with the Bose-Einstein Condensation
  • HU Xiaoxiao (China)
    Liquid Film Structures and Their Surface Areas Formed by the Regular Polyhedrons Frames
  • Manish HIRWANI (India)
    Electromagnetic Damping
  • Saurabh SALUNKE (India)
    Oscillations under Combined Gravitational and Magnetic Fields
  • Ivita REVELINA (Latvia)
    Sensitive Gas Measurements Using Spectroscopy with Diode Lasers
  • Stefan ANCA (Romania)
    Physical Figuration of the Propagation of Nervous Impulses Using Self Made Apparatus
  • Ioana Alexandra MIRCEA (Romania)
    The Measurement of Thickness by Using the Retroscattering of X and Gamma Radiations
  • Ioana Maria RUSANESCU (Romania)
    The Electrical Potential of the Cell
  • Ildar H. MOUCHAMETCHIN (Russia)
    The Volume Category in Pair and Gas to Ambience between Hard and Fluid Electrodes
  • Nihat Erdem AKPINAR (Turkey)
    Space Interferometry Mission
  • Orkun Kaan TÜREYYEN (Turkey)
    Geotropism - Effect of Gravity on Plant Growth
  • Olexander Volodimirovich GROMENKO (Ukraine)
    Research of Surface Stratums Ionimplantated Materials by X-Ray Diffraction Method
    The Law of Buger-Lambert-Ber & the Determination of the Erythrocytes, Hemoglobine and the Exponent of the Colour in Blood for Discovering of Diseases
  • Jonathan SEILER (USA)
    Nanoscale and Composite Ceramics


  • Rohan A. ATRE (India)
    Fabrication of Low Cost Air Track to Study Reduced Mass
  • Kukoyi ADEDOYIN (Nigeria)
    Harnessing Solar Energy for Thermal and Electrical Uses
  • Chikwendu CHIDINMA (Nigeria)
    The Construction of a Telescope
  • Bogusz RADZIEMSKI (Poland)
    Electric Motor with an Eliminated Phenomenon of Sparking Between Brushes and Commutator Bars
  • Stefan BOBOC (Romania)
    Degassing Injection Machine
  • Rustam Sergeevich TIKHONOV (Russia)
    The Plasma-Droplet Method of Processing Water and the Device for Its Realization
  • Elvira BALTIC (Slovenia)
    Temperature Measurements Inside the Refrigerator with Thermocouples
  • Ilay PINARBASI (Turkey)
    Measurement of the Ratio of the Charge to the Mass of Electron
  • Ihsan TOPALOGLU (Turkey)
    The Triple Point of Water (TPW)
  • Andrej GORBYK (Ukraine)
    Investigation of Physical Principles of Functioning Vibrotransducer on the Basis of High-Temperature Superconductors and Making Its Acting Model
  • Saul Abraham MONCADA ARNO (Venezuela)
    Construction of a Device Made up of an Impact Switch to Measure the Gravity Acceleration g in the Physics Laboratory