First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 12th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2003/2004


  • Nikolay Atanasov HADZHIEV (Bulgaria)
    Calculating Equilibrium Configurations of Particles on a Spherical Surface
  • Jakub KOMINIARCZUK (Great Britain)
    Extensive Studies of a String Telephone
  • Septinus George SAA (Indonesia)
    Infinite Trigonal and Hexagonal Networks of Identical Resistors
  • Kana TSUMURA (Japan)
    Why Does a Metal Become so Hot in the Sunlight
  • Agata KARSKA (Poland)
    The History of Discovering and Exploring BD+14° 5016 Eclipsing Contact Binary
  • Yuriy Vladimirovich VOROBIEV (Russia)
    High Surge Voltage Generator and Time Measurement of the Development of Two Types of Electric Discharge in Humid Air Depending on Pressure

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Boris DUSEK (Czechlands)
    Cooper Pairs Regarded by the Drude Theory
  • B.C. PRIYANKA (India)
    Around the World in 388 Milliseconds (An Application of TRACEROUTE to Measure the Earth's Radius)
    On the Spring Constant versus Its Geometric Properties
  • Joon Young YOON (Korea)
    Photoluminescence Studies of Porous Silicon Prepared Using Metal-Dissolved Hydrofluoric Solution
  • Daniils DOROSENKO (Latvia)
    Dependence of Holographic Grating's Diffraction Efficiency on the Angle of the Mutual Beam Polarization
  • Anca Irina IOVITA (Romania)
    Experimental Studies Regarding the Migration of 65Zn in Some Components of an Aquatic Ecosystem
  • LI Zhipeng (Singapore)
    The Growth and Characterization of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Catalytic Decomposition of CO
  • CONG Lin (Singapore)
    Development of Materials for Nanomagnetic Applications
  • Matej KORBEL (Slovakia)
    On the N-Body Problem
  • Adnan GORSEV (Turkey)
    The Study of the Phase Transitions of Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Materials with Polarization Microscope


  • Xiaohang QUAN (China)
    Study of Echo Threshold for Different Kinds of Sound Signal by Computer
    Magnetic Spring
  • Pezhman Amin MADANY (Iran)
    Simulating Traffic System Behind Traffic Light: Studying Proper Traffic Light's Times and Crossroads' Capacity
  • Amit WEISS (Israel)
    A Study of Soft Magnetic Material Applicable as Sensors in Security Systems
  • Alikhan ALIBEK (Kazakhstan)
    Heat Capacity Measurement of Materials in the Range of Temperatures from 76 to 250 K
  • Carlos Alberto CERON RENDON (Mexico)
    The Weight of Data
  • Iordache RUXANDRA (Romania)
    On Fast Electrons in a Luminescent Discharge in Continuous Current
  • Iosif Roxana DIANA (Romania)
    Superficial Tension Variation with Temperature and Salt Concentration of the Black Sea Water in the Area of the Romanian Coast
  • Yeong Heng PUA (Singapore)
    Horizon-like Structures in Alcubierre Warp Drive Spacetime
  • Yu Xian LIM (Singapore)
    Wave Reflection and Transmission in Isotropic Media
  • Gokhan Eren YUCEER (Turkey)
    The Study of the Change and Decomposition of the Properties of Vitamins by Light, Magnetic Field, and Sound Energy


  • Bruno Muta VIVAS (Brazil)
    A Low-Cost Sounding Balloon Experiment
  • Konrad SCHMIDT (Poland)
    Logarithmic Decrement as a Quantity Describing a Musical Components' Quality
  • Alina Mihaela TUFESCU (Romania)
    An Original Method and a Device for Determination of the Superficial Tension for Fluids
  • BALAN Ioana Alexandra (Romania)
    Non-Destructive Checking Methods that use the Vortical Currents Technique in Impulses
  • Alexandr Sergeevich FIRANCHUK (Russia)
    Electrical Breakdown of a Drop of a Liquid