First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 11th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2002/2003


  • Zoran MANDIĆ (Croatia)
    Determining the Speed of Tea Climbing Through a Biscuit
  • Elham AZIZI (Iran)
    Analysis of the Motion of a Paper Ellipse: An Experimental Study
  • Ieva BIDERMANE (Latvia)
    Obtaining Thin Organic Combination's Layers, Investigations of Their Parameters and Electric Properties
  • Janice QUEK Siew Kim (Singapore)
    Analysis of Billiard Ball Trajectories Involving Multiple Traversals in Wormhole Spacetimes
  • Alba Eva PELAEZ SANTOS (Spain)
    Acoustic Phenomena in the Sculpture "Eulogy of the Horizon"
  • Zachary D. WISSNER-GROSS (USA)
    Discovery of low-Current Second-Spike Winners in Model of Neuron Pairs
  • Sergey S. SARKISOV, Jr. (USA)
    Generating Fluid Circulation with Weak Laser Light
  • Tianhui LI (USA)
    Three Year Study of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement
  • Jason LI (USA)
    An Optimized IRAS Sky Survey Atlas Extinction Study of Four Nearby Star Forming Clouds

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Ondrej CERTIK (The Czechlands)
    Modelling of Crystalline Grains in Solar Cells Based on Thin Films of Silicon
  • Nima LASHKARI (Iran)
    Galaxies Clusters Growth in a Toy Model of Quasi-Steady State Cosmology
  • Soheil DAAMANGIR (Iran)
    Measurements of the Lift Force Exerted to a Rotating Ball in the Transferring Motion
  • Krasnovid ROMAN (Israel)
    The Dependence of Thermoluminescence Intensity on the Dose of Ionizing Radiation at the Temperature of Recombination and Heating rate in the Dosimeter Li:FMg,Ti
  • Levin ARSENY (Israel)
    Quantum Hall Effect: Density of States
  • Alexander SHIFRIN (Israel)
    Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) - Tooth Enamel Dosimetry at High Irradiation Doses
  • Genadi SALTIKOV (Israel)
    Diffractive Optical Elements as Surface Relief Gratings versus Bragg Volume Holograms for Planar Optical Applications
  • Aset KADIROV (Kazakhstan)
    Physical and Mechanical Methods of Improving Quality of Production of Machine for Podding and Polishing Grains
  • Jakub KOMINIARCZUK (Poland)
    An Implementation of Mass - Spring Model and It's New Application
  • Zsolt DIVEKI (Serbia & Mont.)
    Modelling the Evolution of Meteoroids
  • ONG Chin Shen (Singapore)
    Novel Radar Absorbing Materials
  • Mehmet Ugur GOCEN (Turkey)
    The Use of a Superconductor Ceramic Wire Material in Electric Circuits as a Highly Efficient Fuse Unit
  • Ali OZGOREN (Turkey)
    Determination of Planck's Constant by Using a 60W Light Bulb
  • Andrej GORBYK (Ukraine)
    Investigations of Surface Nanostructure of Solids
  • Rohit GUPTA (USA)
    The Effect of Boron Content on the Thermal Stability of Nanonickel


  • Marko KLASIĆ (Croatia)
  • Neven SANTIĆ (Croatia)
    Photon Pressure
  • Amir Hosein SHIRAZI (Iran)
    Analysis and Solving Problems by Using Abstract Thermodynamical Systems
  • Mahdi Salmani RAHIMI (Iran)
    The Effect of London Gold Market on Tehran Gold Market - a Statistical Approach
  • Borislav KALKOVALIEV (Macedonia)
    The Magnus Effect and Its Practical Use
  • Ioana Alexandra BALAN (Romania)
    The Qualitative Analysis of Steel by Using Spectroscopic Method
  • Oleg Andeevich UKRAINTSEV (Russia)
    Tunnelling of Particles with Nonzero Mass Under Influence of Gravity and Acceleration
  • Mihailo CUBROVIC (Serbia & Mont.)
    Interrelation Between the Physical Properties and the Orbital Evolution of Near Earth Asteroids: A New Numerical Approach
  • Eres SAKA (Turkey)
    Light Emission from Silicon with Electrochemical Processes
  • Taylan TAKAN (Turkey)
    Design and Fabrication of Organic Field-Effect Transistors (OFETs)
  • Erhan AYSAN (Turkey)
    The Effect of the Metal Used on AC and DC Electrical Characteristics of Metal/n-GaAs Schottky Diodes
  • Ryna KARNIK (USA)
    A Non-Photolithographic Approach to the Construction of N-Type MSFET Devices Using FIB Technology
  • Pavel A. KOZLOV (Uzbekistan)
    The Solar Energy is A Future of The World


  • Kaspars DAMBIS (Latvia)
    Acceleration, Velocity and Power of Vehicle Determined by Using Self-Made Pendulum
  • Bogusz RADZIEMSKI (Poland)
    The Electrostatic Motor
  • Mariusz FIRSZT (Poland)
    Construction of a Solar Collector and Measurements of Its Parameters
  • Jangwon LIM (South Korea)
    Development of an Artificial Synapse and a Robot Consisting of Live Body by Study of Electrical Synapse
  • Fatih OZISIK (Turkey)
    Acoustic Direction Detector
  • Gultekin TOPAKTAS (Turkey)
    Determining the Non-Soaking Characteristics of Materials