First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 14th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2005/2006


  • Sonya Atanasova HADZHIEVA (Bulgaria)
    Mechanics of Superbouncing
  • Zahra AMINNAYERI (Iran)
    Analysis of Movement of Ink in Water - An Experimental Study
  • Alexander Pavlovich KAMANTSEV (Russia)
    Measuring the Temperature Dependence of the Air Thermal Conductivity under Constant Pressure
  • Yuanjian ZHENG (Singapore)
    Study of Extrasolar Planet Formation by Observing Eclipsing Binaries

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Stjepan VUCKOVIC (Croatia)
    Oscillation Period of the Electrostatic Pendulum
  • Farkhad BEKMUKHAMBETOV (Kazakhstan)
    Study of Possibility of Nuclear Waste Transmutation by Means of Low Energy Protons and Alpha Particles
  • Nicole Wan Fen QUAH (Singapore)
    Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy of Charged Particle Tracks in CR-39
  • Seung Ho YANG (South Korea)
    On Impermeability and Entrainments of the Boundary Interface between Two Superimposed Fluid Layers
  • Seung Heon BAEK (South Korea)
    Magnetic Nanoparticles in Bacteria and Biomagnetism
  • Yonghyun RO (South Korea)
    Study of Frustrated Total Internal Reflection on Prism
  • Fatih KARLANKUS (Turkey)
    Designing Characteristic Elements with Acrylamide Gels for Electronic Circuit
  • Steven MO (USA)
    Development of Smart Buildings
  • Emily Brook PETROFF (USA)
    Calculating Dark Matter Halos From Galactic Rotation Curves
  • Barry Ian DYNKIN (USA)
    An Alternative Model of a Quasar - The Matter Anti-Matter Model (MAM Model)


  • Alexei Igorevich SYTOV (Belarus)
    Heat and Temperature
  • Martin Ventseslavov STOEV (Bulgaria)
    Terahertz Frequency Oscillations Generating Superconductive Circuit
  • MUY Sok Seiha (Cambodia)
    How the Column of Water is Formed after the Impact?
  • Meng Heng TOUCH (Cambodia)
    Weight of Light
  • Zoran ARSENOVIC (Croatia)
    Translation on an Incline
  • Vladimir KOVAC (Croatia)
    Rotation on an Incline
  • Monalizza Hervina LATUNUNUWE (Indonesia)
    Analysis of the Wave Motion Caused by Disturbance at the Series of Moving Cars
  • Hanin Hasan AZZAM (Israel)
    The Influence of Pinnas' Structure and Area on Voice Intensity
  • Kaori KOBAYASHI (Japan)
    Is the Force on Current-Carrying Rod in a Magnetic Field Given by the Lorentz Force on Electrons?
  • Evgeniy KARATAYEV (Kazakhstan)
    Electro-Optical Properties of An Electrostatic System of Mirrors of Cylindrical and Hyperbolic Types
  • Catalin-Adrian DOCHITA (Romania)
    The Inner Structure of the Molecular Sieves Studied by R.E.S.
  • Alexander Anatolievich BASALAEV (Russia)
    Investigation of the Stratification Frequency-Response Impulsing Glow Discharge of High Voltage in Acetone Vapour at Low Pressure
  • Qingwei WU (Singapore)
    Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Sensing and Measuring Applications
  • Colin Alexander MACLEAN (USA)
    Tensile Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Composite Materials Made from Single Walled Carbon Nanohorns, Mutliwalled Nanotubes and High Density Polyethyllene
  • Colin Alexander MACLEAN (USA)
    Electrical Resistance of Ball-Milled Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Polyester/Styrene Resin
  • Moyang LI (USA)
    Beginning of Study of Supernovae Formation and Subsequent Ni58/Ni56 Ratio in Type II Red Giants Supernovae Remnants


  • Pavel SOLNY (Czechlands)
    Alpha Spectrometry with Scintillation Detector YAP
  • Dmitry Alexandrovich KARTSEV (Russia)
    Study of Water Volume Expansion at Freezing
  • Anton Alexandrovich KOVALEV (Russia)
    Experimental Study of Useful Capacity of an Active Model of New Kind of Power Station for the Earth, Moon and other Planets
  • Scott Edward HARPOOL (USA)
    Photovoltaics: How Predicable is the Output?