First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 21st International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2012/2013


  • Hanan El-Sana (Israel)
    “Frost heave” phenomenon in freezing process of porous media. The ice lenses formation.
  • Samer Al Krenawi (Israel)
    Freezing in media with allowance for non-instantaneous crystallization kinetics: numerical solution.
  • Pavel Sergeevich Nenashev (Russia)
    New method of magnetic confinement of plasma that reduces its leakage.
  • Oz Rachmani (Israel)
    Impedance Pump for Medical Applications.
  • Albert J. Tung (USA)
    The Effect of Various Atmospheric Conditions on the Resistivity of Au Nanowires.

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Christine C. Butao (Philippines)
    Fabrication of Ultrasonic Microbial Inactivator Device for Wastewater Decontamination
  • Hodaya Dvora Farjun (Israel)
    Implementing Priming in a Brain Computer Interface
  • Gökberk Gül, Mehmet Yusuf Yıldırım (Turkey)
    Non-contact Measurement of Accumulation Amounts of Magnetic Particles
  • Ga Young Kim (Republic of Korea)
    Mechanism and Characteristics of Honey Coiling Effect
  • Miryam Kabada (Israel)
    A kinetic model in freezing of porous media: analytic solution.
  • Naoto Kitahara (Japan)
  • Limoy Mordechay (Israel)
    Freezing process within temperature range: Criterion for two-phase zone formation.
  • Deriam Chirinos (USA)
    A Look at the Quantum World - Using Random Matrices to study the Hadronic Spectrum
  • John Michael Piencenaves (Philippines)
    Production and Evaluation of Carbonated Calcium Phosphate Bioceramic Powder from Janitor Fish (Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus) Bone
  • Abhishek Samdaria (USA)
    Violation of Local Realism by Macroscopic Ensembles of Atoms
  • Avishai Raphael Yifrach (Israel)
    Quantum Amplification Model
  • Ortal Ben Yosef (Israel)
    Getting Confidence on Single Molecule Fluorescence Measurements: validating two independent approaches
  • Masari Watanabe (Japan)
    Predicting the Temperature of Hot Water after a Concerned Period of Time has Passed


  • Yuusaku Eigen (Japan)
    Research of Weissenberg Effect of Non-Newtonian Fluid of Slime
  • Hyunjin Hong (Republic of Korea)
    The effect of capillary forces on drawing pins on the surface of water
  • Mehmet Ege Karaesmen (Turkey)
    Vibrating sample magnometer
  • Dae Heun Koh (Republic of Korea)
    Pendulum Analogy of Sloshing in Moving Fluid Filled Containers
  • Sunghyuk Park (Republic of Korea)
    Generalization of enclosed current in the Ampere's law
  • Melisa Tokmak (Turkey)
    Analysis of Optical Activities of Different Honey Samples with Empirical Methods
  • Artun Yenice (Turkey)
    Obtaining the three dimensional images of items with an interference pattern


  • Can Elvanlioglu (Turkey)
    Effect of incompressible fluids of different viscosities on the velocity of a rotating system
  • Pinar Demetci (Turkey)
    Building Inexpensive Hand-made Optical Tweezers Set-up
  • Seray Yigiter (Turkey)
    Finding graphene with eraser method