First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 22nd International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2013/2014


  • Brandon Bicheng Cui (USA)
    Demonstration and Characterization of Split Ring Resonators as Terahertz Waveguides
  • Valerie S. Ding (USA)
    Novel Monte Carlo Modeling for Automated Designs of Next-Generation Multijunction Quantum Dot Solar Panels
  • Idan Fishman (Israel)
    Water crystallization kinetics in porous media: treatment of the experimental results
  • Basel Abu Ganem (Israel)
    Instability of the phase front in freezing porous media
  • Ilayda Samilgil (Turkey)
    A cheap, fast and portable system for computing water percentage of liquids by using magnet

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Manar Abu Rabeea (Israel)
    A model of heat and moisture transfer in porous media:application to the food freezing
  • Anil B. Bilsel (Turkey)
    The prevention of efficiency loss in Tesla turbines due to the variation in flow rate by adjusting the distances between discs
  • Ilit Furman (Israel)
    A combination of single molecule fluorescence techniques accurately report on biomolecules transition rates spanning over the three orders of magnitudes
  • Jin Sung Jung (Republic of Korea)
    Physical analysis about movement of oscillating magnet which oscillates by magnetic repulsion
  • Aoi Kon (Japan)
    New discoveries concerning ceric ammonium nitrate in the oscillating Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
  • Jin Ho Kwon (Republic of Korea)
    Physical analysis of parameters that determine the height of a splash on a water surface
  • Dan Lurye (Israel)
    Quantum entanglement between the states of a nucleus with a spin 3/2
  • Riku Morii (Japan)
    Does the total radiated depend on radiator thickness?
  • Dinara Rachmanova (Israel)
    The likeness and dimensionality theory in modelling and experiments on freezing processes
  • Aliza Shmagin (Israel)
    Nuclear magnetic resonance study of electron-nuclear interactions and superionic conductivity in the semiconductor TlGaTe2
  • Yuiki Takahashi (Japan)
    Observation of a signature of a new particle in open data in a Belle experiment


  • Emīls Kadiķis (Latvia)
    Monte Carlo simulation of photon transport in skin
  • Kim Hyeong Jun (Republic of Korea)
    Investigate the stored energy in twisted rubber band
  • Begumhan Kurdoglu (Turkey)
    From wood fibers to QR code
  • Kadirhan Mol (Turkey)
    Jeo-Pelt power plant
  • Batuhan Sakal (Turkey)
    Preparation of PS/PMMA polymer nanocomposites containing Ag nanoparticles and their physical properties
  • Eden Schinasi-Lemberg (Israel)
    Identifying the spatial structure of molecule by theoretical calculations of the vibrational spectra that obtained in Raman spectroscopy
  • Hyun Yu (Republic of Korea)
    A Research on the Hygroscopicity and Quick-drying Properties of Fabrics


  • Mohammad Molla (USA)
    The Deflection of Subatomic Particles in the Muon to Electron Conversion (Mu2e) Project: A Comparison and Analysis of Deposited Energies and Emitted X-Rays