First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 24th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2015/2016


  • Huseyin Kutluay Cakadur (Turkey)
    Investigation of polarization dependent magneto-optical properties of DNA - magnetic liquid mixture
  • Kun-Woo Song (Thailand)
    The kinematic of a falling Dipterocarpus Alatus seed

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • David Ackerman (Israel)
    Dynamics, prediction and preventing the phenomenon of “frost heave” at the design and building stages in regions of permafrost
  • Gulce Afacan (Turkey)
    Lithium-ion battery production using new generation nanomaterials by electrospinning method
  • Egemen Akar (Turkey)
    Developing single atom thickness graphene based electrode for bended or curved electronic devices.
  • Mohanned Yoosef Aljboor (Israel)
    Freezing process of porous media in spectrum of the temperatures
  • Cenanda Ra'ifan Arido (Indonesia)
    The difference of modulus Young and its effect to transmission rate in spider web
  • Can Goksal (Turkey)
    Epigenetic investigation of antibiotic-tolerant persister wake-up chronic infection mimicking conditions
  • Kim Seung-Rae, Lee Joong-woo, Park Hyo-chol (Republic of Korea)
    On the Glug-Glug phenomenon of incompressible fluid
  • Or Haim Liebembuk (Israel)
    Planning of electrostatic lens in ion map imaging system: experiment and simulation
  • Adam Pahlavan (USA)
    Modeling virtual electrodes using biophysics
  • Nitsan Gusty Sheinberg (Israel)
    Model of the ice lenses formation in freezing porous media
  • Ilayda Sirbas (Turkey)
    A new eco-friendly method for increasing blast and impact resistance of concrete buildings
  • Mehmet Bora Turan, Utku Budak (Turkey)
    Organic phosphor-conversion white light emitting diode


  • Natasha Sarah Abrams (USA)
    Galaxy morphology dependence on mass and luminosity
  • Kangjia Cai (P.R.China)
    The mechanism of blender lift
  • Yosi Kohen Kutucu (Turkey)
    “ALTERNA-TESLA” alternative energy bag that can store energy from renewable resources
  • Yaacov Shitrit (Israel)
    FERMIS - fire event remote management information system
  • Taiki Takahashi (Japan)
    Extracting the energy of thermal radiation from input electric power
  • Onat Yapici (Turkey)
    Sound insulation panel design with selective frequency and airflow


  • Oguz Baykut (Turkey)
    Measuring viscosity by using Stokes-Einstein equation
  • Rifat Birmizrahi (Turkey)
    Alternative communication with solar-laser walky talky
  • Zeynep Karacan, Hatice Sena Türetken (Turkey)
    Multi-purpose new generation portable pocket notebook, cell phone charging device “FIVE IN ONE”
  • Ilker Rodrig, Emre Eros Kohen (Turkey)
    High efficiency vertical axis wind turbine “3D wind generator”
  • Yusuke Sugimoto (Japan)
    Dynamics of exercise ball
  • Ece Yücer (Turkey)
    Obtaining drinkable water with new generation technology for a sustainable world “Silver nano-tech purification”