First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 1st International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1992/1993


Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • B. Gopala Krishnan (India)
    Use of Induced EMF to Measure Conductivity of Liquids
  • Krzysztof Markowicz (Poland)
    General Features of the Climate of Strzyżów
  • David Zeltser (USA)
    Predicted Uncertainty Principle and Mechanical Unit of Charge Based on Analogyand Dimensional Analysis
  • A. V. Kiriluk (Ukraine)
    Photoelectric Phenomena in a p-n Junction
  • Dimitrije Stepanenko (Yugoslavia)
    Estimation of the Effective Depth of the Location by Measuring the Cosmic-ray Flux
  • Mihalas Stefan (Romania)
    Relativistic Limitation of Atomic Species Number
  • Maria Georgieva Madurova (Bulgaria)
    Enlargement the Range of Application of Calibrations in β -Backscattering Measurements
  • Suyatin Dmitrij (Russia)
  • V. Asnin (Russia)
    The Numerical Solution Method for the Schroedinger Equation in the Symmetrical Potential System
  • A. A. Rovenchak (Ukraine)
    A Potential Model for Hadrons
  • Thomas G. Russell (Great Britain)
    Snooker: An Analysis
  • A. G. Alkhunsaev (Russia (Republic of Buryatia))
    Determination of Shear Elasticity Modules of Polyethylsilicon Fluids by Resonance Method
  • Dmitry A. Zavadtsev (Russia)
    Film Boiling Process Investigation


  • Charalambos G. Poulis (Cyprus)
    The Use of Solar Energy
  • Wang Yang (China)
    Analysis of the State of a Rotating Ball Falling onto the Ground
  • Talha Ocal (Turkey)
    A New Method for calculating the Dumping Factor of a Spring
  • Yasin Ekinci (Turkey)
    The Characteristics of the Natural Background Radiation in Izmir
  • Konstantin Bliokh (Ukraine)
    Extraordinary Properties of the Ordinary Pendulum
  • Nina Son (Ukraine)
    The Meteor Flux from Perseids
  • Viktor Podolski (Ukraine)
    Certain Generalisation of Mathematical Pendulum
  • Mohamed el Habib Lacarne (Algeria)
    Nuclear Physics
  • George Theodosiu (Greece)
    The Exploitation of Thunderbolt Energy
  • Stavros D. Tsarpalis (Greece)
    Measurements of the Internal Resistance of Electrical Cells
  • Junaid Pirzada (Pakistan)
    Skidmarks on Runways
  • Apostolos Georgakis (Greece)
    The Thermonuclear Future
  • Panagiotis Zois (Greece)
    Universal Attraction
  • A. Dyesyatnikov (Russia)
    Computer-based Modelling of Resonance Processes in Parallel and Series Oscillatory Electromagnetic Circuits


  • Rashedul Hasan (Bangladesh)
    Design and Construction of Pot Plant Tester
  • Haldun Komsuoglu (Turkey)
  • Aniruddha Kembhavi (India)
    Making a Refracting Telescope
  • Vivek Shindepatil (India)
  • Keshav Dani (India)
    Sound Wave Oscilloscope
  • Tuncay Cil (Turkey)
    The Design of a Force/Displacement Transducer by Using High Q Parallel Resonant Circuit
  • Jan Mojzis (Slovakia)
    Simple Astronomical Telescopes
  • Mabrouk Nabila (Tunisia)
    Experimental Assembling Relative to the Study of Angular Momentum
  • Ekpar Edughom Frank (Nigeria)
    The Micro-Projector
  • Robert Stanforth (Great Britain)
    Sugar Concentration Measured using Polarised Light
  • Paul van Heyningen (Great Britain)
    The Design and Use of Apparatus for the Determination of Surface Tension