First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 6th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1997/1998


  • Philip M. R. BRYDON (Australia)
    Features of Low-Energy Force-Time Graphs for One-Dimensional Collisions Involving Tennis Balls
  • Krisztan BUCHTA (Hungary)
    The Rainbow
  • Toyli ANNIYEV (Turkmenistan)
    Photorefractive Effects and Dark Decay of Holographic Gratings in SbN Crystals
  • Alexander Sergeyevich BOYKO (Ukraine)
    Fluorescence of Pyrene in Mixture of Water with Alcohol
  • Daniel GREENWALD (USA)
    Core Determination in Quasar OQ208 Using Clean Components Analysis at the 5 GHz Level
  • Loren HOFFMAN (USA)
    Analytic Derivation of the Horizontal Structure of the Quadratic Julia Sets
  • Jelena GRUJIC (Yugoslavia)
    Self-Organized Criticality in the "Game of Life"
  • Tunde JANKOVICS (Yugoslavia)
    Photometric Temperatures and Radii for of the Brightest Members of the Pleiades

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Andrey LIPSKI (Belarus)
    The Visualisation of a Temperature Field in a Zone of Laser Interaction with Material
  • Konstantin Sergeevich BABICH (Belarus)
    Balls in An Oil
  • Ondrej ZEMANEK (Czechlands)
    Problems of the Grain Boundaries
  • Manu VAISHAKH (India)
    Laser Beam Deflection in Stratified Liquid Media - Evaluation of Diffusion Coefficient and Concentration Dependence of Refractive Index
  • Somayyeh MEHRABAN (Iran)
    Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Electrolytes
  • Erez MAZOUZ (Israel)
    Measuring Critical Current in High-Temperature Superconductors by Using the Transformer Method
  • Murat TOLENGIT (Kazakhstan)
    Determination of the Mass Centre of a Body
  • Liga BRIKMANE (Latvia)
    Research Work on I Type Tape's Quality
  • Martins MAKRECKIS (Latvia)
    Heat Loses Analysis in Natalijas Draudzinas Gymnasium
  • Oskars VILITIS (Latvia)
    Angular Dependence of Holographic Recording in Amorphous Chalcogenide Films
  • Vineta VIRA (Latvia)
    Thin Films of Lutetium Bisphthalocyanine for Gas Sensors
  • Marius DAGYS (Lithuania)
    Research on Accretion to Black Hole
  • Inga KORNETA (Poland)
    On Possibility of Using Ultrasonic Waves for Determining Concentration of a Solution
  • Katarzyna SUROWIECKA (Poland)
    Transparent Tape and Chromatic Polarisation
  • Adrian PERIEANU (Romania)
    A New Method to Measure the Adiabatic Coefficient of Gases
  • Denise-Cristina COSMESCU (Romania)
    The Study of the Physical Properties of the Amorphous Materials for Prevention of Ageing
  • Ioana MOLDAN (Romania)
    Control of Products Quality by Non-Destructive Methods
  • Dmitry Romanovich GULEVICH (Russia)
    Calculation of the Main Parameters and Statistical Relations of White Dwarfs
  • Merve ERENSOY (Turkey)
    Light Emission from Porous Silicon and Ag-Porous Silicon Diode Structure
  • Alexander GLUSHKO (Ukraine)
    Many Body Gravitational Dynamics
  • Yaroslav KARACHEVTSEV (Ukraine)
    Finding Quantity of Water in Fogs
  • Rasulbayev Makhsud MAGRUFOVICH (Uzbekistan)
    Photoelectric Unsteadiness of Current in Silicon Doped with Chromium: p-Si<Cr>
  • Jelena SPASOJEVIC (Yugoslavia)
    Excitations in Air at Very High E/N Ratios


  • Ivan RAZVIN (Belarus)
    The Liquid Crystal Mirror
  • Sergei Leonidovich KARPOVICH (Belarus)
    Crystals in Capillary: Investigation of Boundary between Two Liquid Crystals
  • Yuriy GARKUN (Belarus)
    Investigation of Properties of Bistructural Liquid Crystal Capillary
  • Katerina VYBORNA (Czechlands)
    Use of X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis for Examination of Old Pictures
  • Marwa Magdy Syed ZIADA (Egypt)
    Model Technology of Laser and its Applications
  • Bindu P. GEORGE (India)
    Electronic Room Thermometer
  • Jai NANGIA (India)
    A Study on the Effectiveness of Dosimetry
  • Nagpal VINAYAK (India)
    Application of Plastic Track Detectors as Micro-Filters
  • Rahul GOPINATH (India)
    Understanding the Catastrophe Theory trough Phase Plane Analysis
  • Somayyeh HOSSEININEJAD (Iran)
    The Past and the Future of the Universe
  • Firas F. KHABUR (Jordan)
    Black Holes Facts
  • Ishaq Bishr HUSSEINI (Jordan)
    Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity
  • Lina Al-TAHER (Jordan)
    Radio Waves and Their Propagation
  • Muawaya Mustafa FRAIHAT (Jordan)
    X-Ray Diffraction
  • Muna A. Al-BUKHAN (Jordan)
    The Process of Bremsstrahlung
  • Ossama Jamil Saleh Al-FANEK (Jordan)
    Laser Light
  • Randa S. Al-MRAYAT (Jordan)
    The Compton Effect
  • Rima Qassem Mohammad Al-SELAWI (Jordan)
    The Laser
  • Saba MADAEEN (Jordan)
    Special Theory of Relativity
  • Shereen Ahmed ARABIAT (Jordan)
    X- and Gamma-Ray Detectors
  • Nikola JOVANOV (Macedonia)
    Atomic Energy
  • Trif RAMONA (Romania)
    Considerations on the Evolution of Space and Time in Physics and Philosophy
  • Ilya SINAYSKIY (Russia)
    Method of Dynamical Group SU(2) and Geometric Phase for Particles with Spin in Magnetic Field
  • Aleksander SENYUK (Ukraine)
    Some Aspects of Electrostatic Field
  • Ekremjan HOJAMOV (Uzbekistan)
    The Use of Radiolocation and Computer Technology in Solving the Problems of Traffic Accidents


  • Aleksey NIKIFOROV (Belarus)
    Multiradial Laser Processing of Composite Materials
  • Roman MELNIKOV (Belarus)
    The Hybrid Dual-Beam Laser
  • Vadim Victorovich BONDAR (Belarus)
    Adaptive Mode of Laser Effects
  • Reemaq Abdul Kareem DALLO'O (Jordan)
    Calibration of an XRF System and Measurement of Trace of Elements in a Sample of Blood
  • Paweł MAZUR (Poland)
    An Attempt to Demonstrate Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 1H NMR
  • Simon RANKEL (Slovenia)
    Computer Aided Interferometry of Cube Corner Reflectors
  • Ilter DUMDUZ (Turkey)
    Magnetic Induction Detector
  • M. Zafer OZTOK (Turkey)
    Traffic Lamps
  • Denis ABIDOV (Uzbekistan)
    Separation of Heterogeneous Mixtures by Means of Interdense Balls
  • Ekmel MINOVAROV (Uzbekistan)
    Determination of the Humidity of Air by Using Semiconductors
  • Ferhad MEMEDALIYEV (Uzbekistan)
    On Preparing Local-Natural Ceramic Piezoelectric Elements
  • Hurshid ADBDULLAYEV (Uzbekistan)
    Determination of the Sensivity of the Thin Screens by Using Semiconductors
  • Omer USTABAYEV (Uzbekistan)
    Usage of Sound Frequency in Coding the Lock Systems
  • Timur ATABAYEV (Uzbekistan)
    Use of Optoelectronic Elements and Blue Light in Preventing Traffic Accidences
  • Ulugbek NORMATOV (Uzbekistan)
    An Automatic Regulator of the Thickness of the Polymer Films