First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 19th International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 2010/2011


  • Gábor Galgóczi (Hungary)
    Inferring the Physical Parameters of Extrasolar Planets with the Transit Method
  • Oren Halevy (Israel)
    Direct Measurement of DNA Hairpin Dynamics using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Pawel Bajorek (Poland)
    Dependence of Electrolytic Conductivity on Temperature and Concentration of Electrolyte
  • Juyeon Lim (Republic of Korea)
    Experimental Verifications on the Cooling Effects of Oriental Summer Clothes
  • Ivan Vladimirovich Maslov (Russia)
    Evolution of the high-speed meteor body forms and the proof of possibility for the probable natural origin of “Chinese Unidentified Fossil Objects”
  • Ji Ho Yang (Spain)
    The breaking of water stream under the light of total internal reflection of laser

Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Sarthak Chandra (India)
    Misconception on the phenomenon of Dissolving
  • Armaan Sikand (India)
    Surface Tension as a Tool to Measure the Effectiveness of Detergents
  • Ronen Tzion Ahdoot (Israel)
    Vertical axis wind turbine
  • Rami Alex Babayew (Israel)
    Investigation of MgB2 Bulk Samples with Alternating Current
  • Haviv Cohen (Israel)
    Theoretical Study of the Emergence of Large Scale Vortexes under the Influence of Homogenous Sher and Turbulence
  • Lea Demri (Israel)
    Thermal Conductivity of Amorphous Metallic Alloy Ribbon: Experimental Study and Theoretical Interpretation
  • Maya Hen Shor (Israel)
    Generalized Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media under Phase Transition Conditions
  • Yoshiyuki Ogawa (Japan)
    Is Total Power Radiated Proportional to the Fourth Power of Radiator's Temperature?
  • Ašots Astratovs (Latvia)
    The role of eye stability in basketball training
  • Do Young Im (Republic of Korea)
    Energy Transfer in Row of Falling Dominoes of Increasing Height
  • Eun-Seo Kim (Republic of Korea)
    On the Electrostatics of Liquid Body in the Presence of Electric Field: Experimentation on Kelvin Water Drop Generator
  • Jun Ho Kim (Republic of Korea)
    A Study of Crown Splash with Drop Height and Concentration of Fluid
  • Yoolim Lee (Republic of Korea)
    The Damping Effect on the Membrane Vibration of the Cup
  • So-Young No (Republic of Korea)
    Analysis of Motion of the Rotating Cylinder on the Paper until it Comes to Rest.
  • Sung-Ha Park (Republic of Korea)
    The Physical Analysis on the Change of the Softness According to the Percentage of Water Content in the Sand
  • Sungyeon Yang (Republic of Korea)
    Research on the Horizontal Smoke Flow through Paper Tube
  • Ana Trisovic (Serbia)
    Design and Optimization of Rectangular Optical Waveguide using Genetic Algorithm
  • Ege Naci Sarac (Turkey)
    Synthesis of Ternary Semiconductor Nanocrystals as New Generation Solar Cell
  • Murat Ahmet Turan (Turkey)
    Humidity Sensing Properties by Using Electrical Properties of Chitosan Thin Films
  • Kaan Ugurlu (Turkey)
    Determination of Different Materials by Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Method
  • Victoria Koryukina (Ukraine)
    The Gravitational Capsule Hypothesis
  • Harry Chiang (USA)
    New determinations of the transport and thermodynamic coefficients of the quark gluon plasma
  • David William Kaufman (USA)
    Searching for Signal: Statistical Analysis of High Energy Particle Collisions
  • Nilay Kumar (USA)
    Low Density Nuclear Matter in the Large NC and Heavy Quark Limits of QCD


  • Parmida Geranmayeh (Iran)
    Use of Concave Mirrors to Produce Barrier Energy for Nuclear Fusion
  • Daniela Arcady Levin (Israel)
    Turbulent Thermal Diffusion
  • Frederik Alexander Sherman (Israel)
    Correlation and Entanglement if Bipartite System
  • Harel Esther Ungar (Israel)
    Morfology Related Electrical Properties of Chemically Deposited Semiconductor Thin Films
  • Vladislav Osinsky (Israel)
    Fucoxanthin Bioactivity from the Point of View of Surface Behavior
  • Shunji Morita (Japaan)
    How Can the "Kami Deppo" be Triggered?
  • Ju Yeon Han (Republic of Korea)
    Accuracy Test of Ancient Viking’s Navigational Method in East Asia with Experimental Approach
  • Min Kim (Republic of Korea)
    Buckling Phenomena of Vertically Falling Fragile Beam
  • Si-Yun Lee (Republic of Korea)
    The Research on the Ways to Maximize the Power of Various Heat Engines
  • Melin Kadaifcioglu (Turkey)
    The Modelling of a Simple Cooler by Utilising from Sound Waves
  • Ege Şahin (Turkey)
    The Evaluation of Whether Bactericidal Effects Ultrasound Waves with Different frequencies on Different bacteria Species Found in Water


  • Momchil E. Molnar (Bulgaria)
    Astrophotometry with DSLR Camera
  • Harshvardhan Chawla (India)
    Factors Affecting the Viscosity of Polymers (Non-Newtonian) - Which Physical Parameters Play a Key Role for the Magic behind the Weissenberg Effect against Newtonian Laws of Motion ?
  • Omer Israel (Israel)
    Microb Wing Deployment An Autonomous Launching of a Micro UAV from a Mini – Capsule
  • Stanislavs Kirillovs (Latvia)
    LED Light Souce & PWM
  • Dawid Boruszkowski (Poland)
    Home - Made Water Flow Sensor
  • Neung Ryu (Republic of Korea)
    Movement of Powder on Water Surface Induced by Line Heat Source
  • Yihui Quek (Singapore)
    Compressive Sensing with a Single-Pixel Camera
  • Doruk Cantekin (Turkey)
    Fiber Optic Fizeau Interferometer
  • Ceri Franko (Turkey)
    Solar Born Sustainable Hybrid Energy Generator Heat Traps
  • Ozgur Seker (Turkey)
    Analysis Temperature Dependence of The Refractive Index With A Different and More Sensitive Method