First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics

Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the 3rd International Competition
First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 1994/1995


Honourable mentions

Research papers

  • Saheer Abboud (Israel)
    Investigation of TLD Crystals for Purpose of Increasing Accuracy of Radiation Measurements in Radiotherapy Treatment
  • Anton A. Belyaev (Ukraine)
    Dielectric Constant or Dielectric Function?
  • Vladimir Brodsky (Russia)
    Light Reflection from Media with Near-Surface Non-homogeneity
  • Vladimir Cvetkovic (Yugoslavia)
    Experimental Determination of Diffusion Coefficient by Using Digital Picture Processing
  • Taras Kobernik (Ukraine)
    Semiclassical Model of Autoelectronic Emission
  • Sasho Koceski (Macedonia)
    Chaotic Attractors
  • Ioannis Kotsopoulos (Greece)
    Thermal Engines - Two Suggestions for Improvement of the Efficiency of the Four-Stroke Engines
  • Jan Macek (Poland)
    Atmospheric Pressure Cycles Caused by the Moon and the Sun
  • Amit U. Nadgar (India)
  • Tomas Ostanicky (The Czechlands)
    Light Scattering by Air Particles in the Atmosphere
  • Bogdan Poddubny (Ukraine)
    Exact Solution for Gravity in Rubber Universe
  • Michael Prouza (The Czechlands)
    The New Measurement of the Gravitational Shift
  • Sergei Shadchin (Russia)
    Chaotic Oscillations in Electric Circuit with Active Non-linear Elements - Negative Differential Resistivity


  • Marios Avraamides (Cyprus)
    Solid Materials
  • Santosh G. Dawara (India)
    Optical Communication and Processing
  • Ajith S. Devanarayanan (India)
    Production of Pairs
  • Mostfa Sari Farouk (Algeria)
    Nuclear Research
  • S. Gayathri (India)
    Quasicrystals - a New Kind of Solids
  • Nguyen Dang Giao (Vietnam)
    From the Dalat Nuclear Reactor to the Production of Nuclear Electricity in Vietnam
  • Sherif El-Sayed Hegazy (Egypt)
    Water Pressure and Ships' Accidents
  • Yusa Adi Hartanto (Indonesia)
  • Jury Jastreb (Ukraine)
    Some Questions on Description of n-Dimensional Ideal Gas
  • Eleni Katifori (Greece)
    Is Mars Alive?
  • Balasubramanian Kaushik (India)
    Unconventional Machining Processes with Special Reference to Electrochemical Machining
  • Magdalena Luksa (Poland)
    Generation of Storm Clouds and Lightnings
  • Nabil Miledi (Tunisia)
    Astronomical Notions
  • Sahar Rawashdy (Israel)
    Making Holograms
  • Yusfita Efi Rosdiana (Indonesia)
    Inner Power: The Art of Self-defence
  • Tsegaab Fanaye Sebestbe (Ethiopia)
  • T. L. Viswanathan (India)
    Optical Fibre Communication Systems
  • Agnieszka Zuber (Poland)
    Just the Moon


  • Serdar Akar (Turkey)
    Production of Electricity by Sea Waves
  • Rahul Anilkumar Hatkar (India)
  • Boban Jose (India)
    Instruments in Microns
  • Raj Kumar Sabharwal (India)
    Direct Current from Electromagnetic Radio-Waves
  • Dawit Negussie Sahle (Ethiopia)