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 Roentgen seminar
Structural changes of wurtzite (Ga,Mn)As nanowire shell during in-situ heating in transmission electron microscope
Tuesday, May 11, 10:30
On-line seminar
 Theoretical physics seminar
Bound Polymer Layer Dynamics and the Peculiar Arrhenius-like Behavior
Tuesday, May 11, 12:00
On-line seminar
 Magnetism and superconductivity seminar
Nematic Superconductivity in Topological Materials
Wednesday, May 12, 10:00
On-line seminar
 Fundamentals of physics seminar
Introduction to gravitational waves and their detection
Wednesday, May 12, 11:00
On-line seminar
 Colloquium IP PAS
Scientific Legacy of Professor Robert Rafał Gałązka
Tuesday, May 18, 15:15
On-line Colloquium

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 PhD student or MSc. Student: Numerical studies of a linear chain of weakly coupled quantum droplets (half time job)
   30.04 - 15.05
 PhD student - scholarship holder: Study of conformation of partially disordered proteins
   27.04 - 06.06
 PhD student - scholarship holder: Molecular dynamics of systems of the intrinsically disordered proteins
   27.04 - 06.06
 Assistant or assistant professor in X-ray diffraction methods in solid state physics
   19.03 - 15.05


 Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in the epitaxial W/Co/Pt multilayers
Sukanta Kumar Jena, R. Islam, E. Milińska, M. M. Jakubowski, R. Minikayev, S. Lewińska, A. Lynnyk, A. Pietruczik, P. Aleszkiewicz, C. Autieri and A. Wawro
Nanoscale 13, 7685 (2021)
 A Large Starphene Comprising Pentacene Branches
Marzena Banasiewicz, Bolesław Kozankiewicz (co-authors)
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 7752 - 7758 (2021)
 Structure Inversion Asymmetry and Rashba Effect in Quantum Confined Topological Crystalline Insulator Heterostructures
Rafał Rechciński, Marta Galicka, Perła Kacman, Ryszard Buczko (co-authors)
Adv. Funct. Mater., 2008885 (2021)
 Long-Time-Scale Magnetization Ordering Induced by an Adsorbed Chiral Monolayer on Ferromagnets
Lech T. Baczewski (co-author)
ACS Nano 15, 5574 - 5579 (2021)
 Coexistence of Short- and Long-Range Ferromagnetic Proximity Effects in a Fe/(Cd,Mg)Te/CdTe Quantum Well Hybrid Structure
Grzegorz Karczewski, Sergij Chusnutdinow, Tomasz Wojtowicz (co-authors)
Nano Lett. 21, 2370 - 2375 (2021)
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