ERASMUS+ Project
ERASMUS+ Project
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Dr. hab. Eng. Daniel Jakubczyk
tel.: (+48) 22 116 29 91
The Erasmus+ programme is a seven years programme maintained by European Commission, which aims to boost skills and employability, supports transnational partnerships among Education, Training, and Youth institutions and organisations. It is also aimed to support national efforts to modernise Education, Training, and Youth systems. It is a continuation/extension of the Lifelong Learning Programme, which ended in 2014.
Institute of Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences has been participating in Erasmus programmes since 2007 with much success. Our Institute is vividly interested in developing international cooperation with other scientific institutions, in particular, in European Union. Within the framework of Erasmus+ programme, we get foreign traineeships for our staff and we receive staff from other scientific institutions for traineeships. In this way, the Erasmus+ programme, aimed primarily at training, plays for us a very important role, as it coexists with and supplements other international programmes, aimed primarily at a direct scientific output.

Since the funds are awarded per academic year, we are able to apply for them according to the needs we recognise. In recent years we were receiving funds which fully met our needs and we realised several short time mobilities every year.