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Management of Institute of Physics PAS
Director of the Institute
Prof. Dr. hab. Roman Puźniak
  Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs  
  Dr. hab. Grzegorz Grabecki, Prof. IF PAN  
  Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs  
  Prof. Dr. hab. Magdalena Załuska-Kotur  
  Deputy Director for Administrative and Technical Affairs  
  Dr. Paweł Głód  
  Chief Accountant  
  MSc. Grzegorz Dudek  
  Theoretical physics seminar
Topological phase transition and magnetoconductance in In-rich InGaN/GaN quantum wells
Tuesday, May 29, 12:00, Room D, IP PAS
  Colloquium IF PAS
What we know we don't know in fundamental physics
Tuesday, May 29, 15:15, Assembly hall, IP PAS
  Biological physics and bioinformatics seminar
Disulfide bonds in molecular modeling studies of proteins
Wednesday, May 30, 15:15, Room D, IP PAS
  PhD student in experimental condensed matter physics
   24.05 - 24.06
  PostDoc in the theory of ultra-cold gases
   18.05 - 15.06
  PhD student in molecular biophysics
   08.05 - 30.05
  Post-Doc in Quantum and Topological Photonics
   23.04 - 15.06
  Post-Doc in condensed matter physics
   23.04 - 30.05
  Scholarship for a PhD position in the theory of ultra-cold atoms
   09.04 - 15.06
  Scholarship - the theory of ultra-cold atoms
   09.04 - 15.06
  Postdoctoral researcher in the theory of ultra-cold atoms
   09.04 - 15.06
  PhD student
   06.02 - 31.05

  Sequential electron transfer governs the UV-induced self-repair of DNA photolesions
R. Szabla, H. Kruse, P. Stadlbauer, J. Sponer and Andrzej L. Sobolewski
Chem. Sci. 9, 3131-3140 (2018)
  Fragility of the Dirac Cone Splitting in Topological Crystalline Insulator Heterostructures
C. M. Polley, R. Buczko, A. Forsman, P. Dziawa, A. Szczerbakow, R. Rechciński, B. J. Kowalski, T. Story, M. Trzyna, M. Bianchi, A. Grubišić Čabo, P. Hofmann, O. Tjernberg, and T. Balasubramanian
ACS Nano 12, 1, 617-626 (2018)
  Superluminal X-waves in a polariton quantum fluid
A. Gianfrate, L. Dominici, O. Voronych, Michał Matuszewski, M. Stobińska, D. Ballarini, M. De Giorgi, G. Gigli and D. Sanvitto
Light: Science & Applications 7, 17119 (2018)
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