The Laplace DLTS system has been initially developed within the European Union project Copernicus № CIPA CT-094 172 by the Project partners (1995-1998).

University of Manchester (formerly UMIST), Manchester, UK (http://www NULL.manchester
A. R. Peaker (http://www NULL.manchester NULL.peaker/) (co-ordinator), I. D. Hawkins, G. Kouteris

Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
L. Dobaczewski (http://www NULL.ifpan, K. Gościński, R. Buczko, M. Dobaczewski (volunteer).

Semiconductors Physics Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania (http://www NULL.pfi NULL.html)
A. Matulis, Z. Kancleris

University of Freiburg, Germany (http://www NULL.mathphys NULL.uni-freiburg
J. Honerkamp, D. Meier, J. Winterhalter