International PhD Studies
International PhD Studies at IFPAN
Information for PhD students and supervisors
Lectures and classes will start in October in remote form

Note: all information below concerns only those who began PhD studies before July 2019. Information concerning PhD students who started from October 2019 onwards
are under the PhD School section.

  • Study program
  • Yearly administrative actions -- deadline: 10th day of the last month before whole years of the PhD are completed.
    • Written application for a PhD scholarship the next academic year (IFPAN students paid from local funds): DOC
    • Yearly report: DOC
    • Work plan for the next year: DOC
  • Regulations
    • Current regulations (since 1 January 2017): PDF
    • Act of Parliament (2003) regulating PhD and other degerees: PDF (in Polish)
    • Ministerial decree regarding PhD studies 2006: PDF (in Polish)
    • Ministerial decree regarding procedures for obtaining PhDs and habilitations 2005: PDF (in Polish)
    • Director's order regarding doctoral scolarship amounts PDF
      • Rules to get the recommendation of the Education Committee if you don't have an opened PhD procedure PDF
    • Regulations for the financing of doctoral scholarships PDF
    • Determinations of the Program Commission regarding exams and leaves: PDF (in Polish)
  • Procedure for granting PhD degrees (Concerns only IFPAN students, the other institutes have their own regulations)
    • NEW RULES [ for procedures begun 1 October 2019 or later ]
      • Procedure for granting PhD degrees by the Scientific Council of IFPAN: PDF
        • Application to designate a supervisor: DOCX
        • Application to designate an auxiliary supervisor: DOCX
        • Application to begin the PhD procedure: PDF DOCX
        • Declaration by the PhD thesis author: PDF DOCX
    • OLD RULES [ for procedures begun up to 30 April 2019, completed by 31 December 2022 ]
      • Procedure for granting PhD degrees by the Scientific Council of IFPAN: PDF (in Polish)
        • Application to begin the PhD procedure: PDF DOC (in Polish)
        • Declaration by the PhD thesis author: PDF DOC (in Polish)
    • Physics exam (both rules):
      • Questions and procedures: PDF
  • Material assistance + Director's scholarship
    NOTE: concerns only MSD students (with any affiliation).
    • Regulations of social aid schemes for PhD students: PDF
    • Decision regarding maximum income and deadline for submitting applications in the 2020/2021 academic year: PDF
    • Information processing clause: PDF
    • Application for a financial aid scholarship: DOCX PDF
    • List of documents confirming the student's material situation: PDF
    • Application for a top-up scholarship for disabled persons: PDF
    • Application for one-off financial aid: PDF
    • Application for the Director's scholarship: DOCX PDF
    • Statement about other income received: PDF
    • Statement about not forming a joint household: PDF
  • Miscellaneous
    • Protocol for the assessment after the 1st year: PDF DOC (in Polish)
    • Exam card: PDF DOC
    • Leave request: PDF DOC
    • Declaration of supervision: PDF (in Polish)
    • PhD student oath: PDF
    • Information slides about PhD matters from the inauguration, 12 October 2020: PDF
    • Mobbing prevention
      • What is mobbing?
      • IFPAN anti-mobbing regulations
      • If you believe that you or a colleague are experiencing mobbing, please contact the head of PhD studies and/or the Director. An investigation commission can be called up by the Director if a written complaint of mobbing is lodged.

  • Student Council Representatives 2020/2021
      MSc Joanna Olas
      MSc Mahwish Sarwar
      MSc Oskar Słowik
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