The conference registration desk will be located in the Gwarek hotel.

Address:   ul. Wczasowa 49
  43-450 USTRON - Jaszowiec
  Tel: (48-33) 854 25 89 or (48-33) 854 33 04
  Fax: (48-33) 854 27 89

The participants will be accommodated in two neighbouring hotels in   Ustron-Jaszowiec: Gwarek and Kolejarz .
All the invited talks, as well as the oral and poster presentations will be given in the Kolejarz hotel.

The map of Ustron area is available here .


The expected temperature is 20 +/- 5 o C (68 +/- 9 oF) with sunny days and normal humidity. A rapid change of weather into rainy and chilly cannot, however, be excluded.

There are several tracking routs around Jaszowiec. If you enjoy walking comfortable shoes are recommended.



By train

Ustron - Jaszowiec can be reached from Warsaw or Katowice (direction Wisla, get off at Ustron Polana, taxis available at the station).
The distance from Ustron Polana railway station to Gwarek hotel is about 2 km.
The only one direct train from Warsaw to Ustron Polana is EX 1403, departure from Warsaw Central Station at 8:00, arrival in Ustron Polana at 12:16.
There will be a conference bus service from Bielsko Biala train station (30 km from Jaszowiec) to Jaszowiec, Gwarek hotel, available for participants coming from Warsaw to Bielsko Biala by express train EX 5402, departure from Warsaw Central Station at 15:00, arrival in Bielsko Biala Glówna at 18:37, on Friday, June 7th, and Sunday, June 9th.
The direct train from Ustron Polana to Warsaw is EX 4108, departure from Ustron Polana at 16:18, arrival in Warsaw Central Station at 20:40.
The conference bus service from Jaszowiec to Ustron Polana will be available on Friday, June 14th, around 15:30.
The train web page is .

By car

Take the road E 75 (Katowice - Cieszyn), exit in Skoczow, direction Wisla. In Ustron take the main road through the village (direction Wisla), go almost to the end of the village, and turn left to Jaszowiec. For participants coming by car a guarded parking lot is available at Gwarek and Kolejarz hotels.

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