Scope of the Conference

The "Jaszowiec" spring meetings have become, in Poland, through many years of evolution, the traditional place of annual review of current achievements in semiconductor physics. A general overview is provided in several morning lectures, while original contributions of the participants are presented as oral or poster presentations during afternoon sessions. Remote location of the meeting, the timing of the program schedule, and the living conditions create a truly one-week workshop atmosphere.

The language of all presentations (invited talks, oral  and poster presentations and discussion and proceedings) will be English.

The School will be held in Ustron-Jaszowiec, in the  southern part of Poland on
June 7-14
, 2002. The number of participants will be limited. There is no scientific program on  June 7th; dinner will be served on that day. The School begins with two-day long (June 8/9) introductory courses (see Special tutorial session ).

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