Research Activities

  • Optical characterization of bulk and epitaxial II-VI and III-V compounds
  • Nonlinear optical processes in solid-state materials
  • High-pressure studies of materials and dopants with use of diamond-anvil cells
  • Energy structure and recombination processes of deep-level defects, including rare-earths and transition-metal ions, in semiconductors and insulators
  • Energy transfer, radiative and nonradiative recombination processes in bulk crystals, thin films, and quantum structures
  • Studies of new materials for thermoluminescence dosimetry
  • Studies of inorganic crystalline phosphors
  • Electron spin resonance studies of magnetic properties of crystals and epitaxial films (identification of paramagnetic impurities, analysis of magnetocrystalline anisotropy in ferromagnetic materials)
  • Collective phenomena, with particular emphasis on superconductivity and magnetic phases, in iron chalcogenides

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