Entanglement dynamics of spin qubits – OPUS IV

Project OPUS IV of the National Science Centre entitled
“Dynamics of entanglement of localized spins in semiconductors with application to environmental noise spectroscopy” (2013-2017)


The objective of the project is to develop theoretical understanding of entanglement dynamics and its control in systems consisting of multiple spin qubits. Entanglement is a unique property of composite quantum systems: entangled states exhibit nonlocal correlations among the subsystems that cannot be described classically. The ability to create, store, and manipulate entangled states is crucial for practically all the envisioned technologies using truly quantum aspects of physical systems. Recently entanglement was created among spins in a semiconductor environment. Architectures involving such spin qubits are considered to have a high potential for scalability, necessary for creation of quantum circuits capable of nontrivial operations. The key theoretical problem that we will research is the interaction of multiple qubits with their solid-state environment (a spin bath and various sources of charge noise, both having long correlation times). We will also propose manipulation schemes making it possible to obtain information about environmental noise from measurements of qubits’ dynamics – since the entangled qubits can be spatially separated, observation of their disentanglement can give information about not only temporal, but also spatial correlations of the noise.

Main results obtained so far

1) Theory of spectroscopy of cross-correlations of environmental noises using two (potentially entangled) qubits [6].

2) Theoretical description of decoherence  under dynamical decoupling of two electrons in a double quantum dot (forming a singlet-triplet qubit) interacting with nuclear bath in GaAs [7,8].

3) Proposal of a method for determining the location of a precessing magnetic moment using two spin  qubits [10].

4) Derivation of simple and intuitive criterion for checking whether qubit-environment entanglement is generated during pure dephasing decoherence of the qubit [5], and a follow-up discussion of qubit-environment discord generation [11].

5) Theory for using qubit as a noise spectrometer when the qubit is at so-called “optimal working point” and its coupling to the environmental noise is quadratic [1].


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