Posters list

Poster size (max): 155 cm (width) x 114 cm (height)

  1. Pavel Baláž - "Current-induced spin transfer torque in a Neeel domain wall in the linear response theory"

  2. Vladimir Bessonov - "Resonant linear and nonlinear frequency multiplication in in sub-micrometer Permalloy elliptical dots"

  3. Ewelina Sieczkowska - "The dependence of magnetization reversal of nanodots on their size and occurring defects"

  4. Maciej Czapkiewicz - "Influence of interlayer exchange coupling on switching of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB Pseudo Spin-Valves with perpendicular anisotropy"

  5. Hubert Głowiński - "Exchange coupled NiFe/NiMn bilayers studied by vector network analyzer ferromagnetic resonance"

  6. Jarosław Kanak - "In situ X-ray diffraction study of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB based P-SV and EB-SV magnetic tunnel junctions"

  7. Jan Kisielewski - "Laser-induced magnetization precession in ultrathin cobalt films"

  8. Piotr Kuświk - "Lattice of artificial magnetic domains in Au/Co/Au multilayers"

  9. Bogdan Szymański - "Co/Au multilayers with aimed coercive field gradient"

  10. Ewa Młyńczak - "Magnetic properties of Fe-NiO bilayers grown on MgO(100)"

  11. Anna Kozioł-Rachwał - "Tunable magnetic properties of Fe/MgO superlattice"

  12. Karol Załęski - "Martensitic transformations in epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sn thin films"

  13. Krzysztof Dybko - "Signature of Spin Triplet Pairing in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/YBa2Cu3O7/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 trilayers"

  14. Le Van Khoi - "Zinc vacancy induced ferromagnetic interaction in semimagnetic semiconductor (Zn,Mn)Te"

  15. Małgorzata Łukasiewicz - "(Zn,Co)O films grown by Atomic Layer Deposition"

  16. Katarzyna Gas - "Raman scattering as a perfect tool to determine the Co2+ - Co2+ exchange integral in ZnO"

  17. Izabela Kuryliszyn-Kudelska - "Magnetic properties of ZnO nanocrystals incorporating Co"

  18. Andreas Grois - "Electron paramagnetic resonance of dilute transition metal ions in gallium nitride"

  19. Joanna Papierska - "Magnetooptical properties of (Ga,Fe)N layers"

  20. Gerd Kunert - "On the growth of Mn doped GaN: Molecular beam epitaxy under different conditions"

  21. Aloyzas Siusys - "GaAs/(Ga,Mn)As Core-Shell Nanowire Structures Grown by MBE on GaAs(111)B Substrates"

  22. Oleg Proselkov - "Analysis of the magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin GaMnAs"

  23. Sylwia Dobkowska - "Magnetic Properties of (Ga,Mn)As near Metal-Isolator Transition"

Additional posters show “New equipment in the Institute of Physics, PAS and AGH University of Science and Technology”
  1. Electron microscopy, patterning and low-T cathodoluminescence

  2. MBE Systems

  3. Ion implantation/RBS

  4. SQUID, PPMS and Spectrometer Systems