Quantum droplets

Quantum droplets are self-bound very dilute objects which can freely levitate in space in a gradient of magnetic field compensating for the gravity. In contrast to all known ultracold atomic systems, the quantum droplets do not need any external potential to provide their stability. They are the most dilute liquid systems known so far. Their stability is determined by quantum correlations and fluctuations. This project is devoted to theoretical studies of these unusual objects.

Magnetic-Atom Quantum Simulators

Project MAQS – Magnetic-Atom Quantum Simulator – aims at understanding of quantum correlations in many-body systems. Correlations are of fundamental importance for the development of quantum technologies and for their application in physics of condensed matter and quantum information. These quantum technologies should allow to create new states of matter of unusual properties in the future. A supersolid – a crystal being in a superfluid state is one of the most spectacular example of such matter.