Dynamics of interacting system


Collective diffusion

Collective diffusion coefficient
of various interacting and
non-interacting, homogeneous and
non-homogeneous systems is
calculated by use of a new,
variational procedure of determining
a diffusive eigenvalue of
many-particle master equations.

Segregation in
a binary mixture

The mixture of particles of
different sizes orders, forming
stripes, under external, driving
force, if its density is large
enough. The process happens with
logarithmic like time dependence.

Domain growth

The character of domain growth depends
on the asymmetry of the
single particle jumps.
The dynamics of (2x1) domains
is compared with one dimensional
Potts model domain.

Gain - loss asymmetry
for emerging stock markets

Investment horizon approach is
used to analyze stock indices
for European emerging markets.
Gain-loss asymmetry is observed
for all analyzed data.
A measure quantifying the gain-loss
asymmetry is proposed. It clearly
exhibits a difference between
emerging and established markets.

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