• Quantum versus classical angular momentum

    J. Mostowski, J. Pietraszewicz

  • Multifaceted phase ordering kinetics of an antiferromagnetic spin-1 condensate

    J. Pietraszewicz, A. Seweryn, E. Witkowska

  • A semiclassical field theory that is freed of the ultraviolet catastrophe

    P. Deuar, J. Pietraszewicz

In Journals
  1. Classical limit of entangled states of two angular momenta

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  2. Correlation evolution in dilute Bose-Einstein condensates after quantum quenches

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  3. Classical fields in the one-dimensional Bose gas: Applicability and determination of the optimal cutoff

    J. Pietraszewicz, P. Deuar
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  4. Complex wave fields in the interacting one-dimensional Bose gas

    J. Pietraszewicz, P. Deuar
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  5. Mesoscopic density grains in a 1D interacting Bose gas from the exact Yang-Yang solution

    J. Pietraszewicz, P. Deuar
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  6. Continuum of classical-field ensembles from canonical to grand canonical and the onset of their equivalence

    J. Pietraszewicz, E. Witkowska, P. Deuar
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  7. Classical field records of a quantum system: Their internal consistency and accuracy

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  8. Tunneling-induced restoration of the degeneracy and the time-reversal symmetry breaking in optical lattices

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  9. Spin dynamics of two bosons in an optical lattice site: A role of anharmonicity and anisotropy of the trapping potential

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  11. Tunable dipolar resonances and Einstein-de Haas effect in a 87Rb-atom condensate

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