Polish-French-Israeli Symposium on

Spectroscopy of Modern Materials in Physics and Biology

September 27th - 30th, 2004, Bedlewo, Poland

Organized by ASPECT Centre of Excellence in the Institute of Physics PAS
Two years ago two meetings were organized in Lyon, France. The first one was "The French-Polish Symposium on Physics, Material Science, Biology and Biochemistry", and the second one was "5th French-Israeli Workshop on Optical Properties of Inorganic Materials". Both of them turned out to be very successful and following the suggestions put forward in Lyon, we decided to continue these specialized workshops. This time, however, as a single event under name: 1st Polish-French-Israeli Symposium on "Spectroscopy of Modern Materials in Physics and Biology"
This four-days long symposium will be held in the Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Bedlewo, Poland on September 27th - 30th, 2004. Bedlewo is a small, silent village located in the western part of Poland. Additional information about this wonderful place can be found at: http://www.impan.gov.pl/Bedlewo/.
  • Prof. A. Suchocki, Warsaw, Poland - conference chairman
  • Prof. G. Boulon, Lyon, France
  • Prof. M. Godlewski, Warsaw, Poland
  • Prof. M.-F. Joubert, Lyon, France
  • Prof. J. Legendziewicz
  • Prof. M. Malinowski, Warsaw, Poland
  • Prof. R. Reisfeld Jerusalem, Israel
  • Prof. W. Stręk
  • Dr. A. Zakrzewski, Warsaw, Poland - conference secretary
The symposium will be organized in the informal workshop style, which is the best way for presentation and exchange of new ideas, results and reports on original works. During the conference about 25 invited lectures will be given by leading scientist in the field of advanced spectroscopy (techniques and applications) and material engineering (growth and characterization). Additionally, some limited number of contributions will be presented in the poster form.

Invited lectures and poster presentations are planned to cover the following topics:

  • recent progress in solid state laser materials and their new applications
  • properties of new materials for scintillation and phosphor applications
  • oxides for isolators in microelectronic devices
  • low-dimensional structures for optoelectronic applications
  • new perspectives in nitride applications
  • rare earth and transition metal activated materials for optoelectronic applications

The official conference language is English.

  • Dr. Gisele Boiteux (Lyon, France)
    Detrapping of charge carrier in polymers stimulated by molecular relaxation -> abstract
  • Prof. Benoit Boulanger (Grenoble, France)
    Third order non linear optical down conversion for quantum optics -> abstract
  • Prof. Georges Boulon (Lyon, France)
    Main Optical Properties and Laser Performances in Yb3+-Doped CaF2/KY3F10 Cubic Fluorides -> abstract
  • Prof. Phillippe Boutinaud (Clermond-Ferrand, France)
    Making red-emitting phosphors with Pr3+ -> abstract
  • Prof. Przemysław J. Deren (Wroclaw, Poland)
    On spectroscopic properties of the LaAlO3 perovskite crystal doped with rare earth ions -> abstract
  • Prof. Jean-Claude Gacon (Lyon, France)
    Optical properties of praseodymium concentrated phosphates -> abstract
  • Prof. Michael Gaft (Rishon-Lezion, Israel)
    Laser-Based Spectroscopy of Minerals- Techniques and Applications -> abstract
  • Prof. Aharon Gedanken (Ramat-Gan ,Israel)
    RAPET (Reactions under Autogenic Pressure at Elevated Temperatures) -> abstract
  • Dr. Philippe Goldner (Paris, France)
    Rare earth doped crystals for quantum information manipulation -> abstract
  • Prof. Marek Grinberg (Gdansk, Poland)
    High pressure spectroscopy of rare earths doped crystals - new results -> abstract
  • Dr. Marie-France Joubert (Lyon, France)
    Low temperature microwave study of photoconductivity in rare-earth-doped dielectric crystals -> abstract
  • Prof. Janina Legendziewicz (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Excited states dynamics in the ternary praseodymium and ytterbium halides -> abstract
  • Prof. Efrant Lifshitz (Haifa, Israel)
    Synthesis, structural, electrical and magneto-optical characterization of PbSe quantum wires -> abstract
  • Prof. Rachid Mahiou (Clermond-Ferrand, France)
    Sol-gel synthesis: an original route to produce and shape fluoride optical materials -> abstract
  • Dr. Bernard Moine (Lyon, France)
    Why the quest of new rare earth doped phosphors deserves to go on -> abstract
  • Prof. Germano Montemezzani (Metz, France)
    Interband photorefractive effects and applications -> abstract
  • Dr. Paul Moretti (Lyon, France)
    Preserving the intrinsic optical properties of crystals in light-ion implanted waveguides -> abstract
  • Dr. Gerard Panczer (Lyon, France)
    Photoluminescence as a tool to probe nuclear waste storage matrixes -> abstract
  • Dr. Fabienne Pelle (Paris, France)
    Rare earth spectroscopy for biophotonics -> abstract
  • Prof. Renata Reisfeld (Jerusalem, Israel)
    Sol gel techmology for innovative optoelectronic materials -> abstract
  • Prof. Micheal Roth (Jerusalem, Israel)
    Composition-dependent nonlinear optical properties of KTP-family crystals -> abstract
  • Prof. Witold Ryba-Romanowski (Wroclaw, Poland)
    New luminescent systems based on fluoride crystals doped with rare earth ions -> abstract
  • Prof. Jose García Sole (Madrid, Spain)
    Bistable luminescence of optically active ions in Sr0.6 Ba0.4 (NbO3)2 -> abstract
  • Prof. Wieslaw Strek (Wroclaw, Poland)
    Electron-Phonon Confinement Effects in Rare Earth Doped Nanocrystals -> abstract
  • Prof. Reshef Tenne (Rehovot, Israel)
    Inorganic nanotubes and inorganic fullerene-like materials from layered compounds: from concept to applications -> abstract
  • Prof. Jacek Ulanski (Lodz, Poland)
    Investigations of Charge Carrier Trapping and Recombination in Electroluminescent and Photoconducting Polymers by Means of Thermoluminescence -> abstract
  • Prof. Andrzej J. Wojtowicz (Torun, Poland)
    Scintillation properties of selected oxide monocrystals activated with Ce and Pr -> abstract
  • Prof. Joseph Zyss (France)
    Nanoscale Molecular Nonlinear Optics -> abstract
  • W. Bała, P. Dalasiński, M. Rębarz, A. Bratkowski
    Excitons in organic molecular crystals ->abstract
  • P. Dalasiński, Z. Łukasiak, M. Wojdyła, M. Rębarz, W. Bała
    Study of optical properties of tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum(III) ->abstract
  • W. Drozdowski, A. J. Wojtowicz, D. Wiśniewski, T. Łukasiewicz, J. Kisielewski
    Scintillation properties of Pr-activated LuAlO3 ->abstract
  • K. Fabisiak, A. Banaszak, M. Kaczmarski, M. Kozanecki
    Structural characterization of CVD diamond films using Raman and ESR spectroscopy methods ->abstract
  • R. A. Sa Ferreira, L. D. Carlos, V. de Zea Bermudez, S. Nunes, J. Cybinska, J. Legendziewicz
    Emission features of organic/inorganic amidosil nanohybrids ->abstract
  • D. Galanciak, W. Gryk, A. Suchocki, M. Grinberg and G. Boulon
    Shift under pressure of the luminescence transitions of Mn4+-doped gadolinium gallium garnet ->abstract
  • P. Gawryszewska, J. Sokolnicki, A. Dossing, J.P. Riehl, G. Muller and J. Legendziewicz
    Photophysical Properties and Circularly Polarized Luminescence for some lanthanide complexes of the polypyridine ligand 6,6'-bis[bis(2-pyridylmethyl)aminomethyl]-2,2'-bipyridine ->abstract
  • W. Gryk, M. Grinberg, M. Malinowski
    High pressure spectroscopy of Pr3+ doped LiNbO3 crystal ->abstract
  • W. Gryk, M. Grinberg, M.-F. Joubert, C. Dujardin, L. Grosvalet, C. Pedrini
    High pressure photoluminescence study of cerium-doped Lu2SiO5 ->abstract
  • Y. Guyot, H. Canibano, A. Bensalah, A. Brenier G. Boulon, P. Camy , J-L Doualan, A. Petrosyan
    Laser operation in Ytterbium doped Lutetium oxide: Lu3Al5O12 and Lutetium fluoride: LuLiF4 crystals ->abstract
  • D. Hreniak and W. Strek
    Luminescence properties of rare earth doped yttrium disilicate composites prepared by the sol-gel method ->abstract
  • M. Kaczkan, M. Malinowski
    Inhomogeneity of Ho3+ activated SrLaGa3O7 and SrLaGaO4 crystals studied by fluorescence line narrowing technique ->abstract
  • S.M. Kaczmarek, A. Bensalah, G. Boulon
    Γ-ray and annealing in hydrogen influence on the absorption and emission spectra of pure and Yb doped fluorids ->abstract
  • S.M. Kaczmarek, D. Podgórska, M. Berkowski
    Multivalence states of Mn and Yb ions in Li2B4O7 single crystals and glasses ->abstract
  • A. Kamińska, T. Suski, G. Franssen, H. Teisseyre, P. Perlin, A Suchocki, and N. Grandjean
    High pressure studies of localization effects in InGaN/GaN quantum structures ->abstract
  • Cz. Koepke, K. Wisniewski, Ł. Sikorski, D. Piątkowski, K. Kowalska and M. Naftaly
    Upconverted luminescence under 800 nm laser diode excitation in Nd3+ -- activated fluoroaluminate glass ->abstract
  • Cz. Koepke, K. Wisniewski, D. Dyl, M. Grinberg and M. Malinowski
    Evidence for existence of the bound exciton states in Pr3+ - doped LiNbO3 crystal ->abstract
  • A. Korcala, W. Bała, A. Bratkowski, P. Borowski, Z. Łukasiak
    Electrical properties study of porous silicon layer prepared by electrochemical etching ->abstract
  • L. Nagli, O. Gayer, G. Brodetzki, and A. Katzir
    Middle infrared luminescence of Pr and Tb ions in silver halide crystals ->abstract
  • R. Piramidowicz, P. Witoński, M. Klimczak and M. Malinowski
    Analysis of upconverted UV fluorescence dynamics in Nd3+ doped ZBLAN glasses ->abstract
  • B. Padlyak, O. Vlokh, K. Fabisiak, K. Sagoo, B. Kukliński
    Optical spectroscopy of the Er-doped glasses with 3CaO-Ga2O3-3GeO2 compositions ->abstract
  • K. Świątek, M. Godlewski and T.P. Surkova
    ESR and optical studies of Zn1-xCoxSe (x <= 0.03) crystals -- search for a ferromagnetic state ->abstract
  • M. Szachowicz, S. Tascu, M.-F. Joubert, P. Moretti and M. Nikl
    Realization and infrared to green upconversion luminescence in Er3+:YALO3 ion-implanted optical waveguides ->abstract
  • A. J. Wojtowicz, W. Drozdowski, J.-L. Lefaucheur, Z. Galazka and Z. Gou
    Scintillation light yield of Ce-activated LSO, LYSO, LuAP and LuYAP ->abstract
All abstracts of invited talks and poster presentations should be of one-page A4 length (typing area: 16.5x23 cm; typefont: Times New Roman 12pt) and should be submitted by e-mail (zakrz@ifpan.edu.pl) as an attachment in pdf or postscript format. The abstracts should contain title, authors' names, affiliations, and the e-mail address of the corresponding author.

Contributed papers
The abstracts of contributed papers should clearly spell out the originality, importance and the novelty of the contribution. The abstract submission deadline is May 15th, 2004. The Program Committee's judgement will be mailed to the authors by June 1st, 2004.

Conference Proceedings
All paper after peer-review procedure will be published in regular journal: Optical Materials.

The manuscript length is limited to 4 for contributed and 8 for invited papers journal pages in Optical Materials, including title, authors' names, affiliations, text, figures, figure captions, tables and references.

All authors are kindly requested to submit their manuscripts (two hard copies and electronic copy in MS-Word .doc format) at the beginning of the Symposium.

After peer-review procedure and the final acceptance by the Program Committee papers will be published in Optical Materials. Detailed instruction about the style, format etc. can be found via internet:

Detailed instruction
The following poster tables will be available on poster session
Please, register by sending or e-mailing the registration form to the Conference Secretary before 31st July, 2004.

Download registration form (pdf file)

The total fee (including lodging, meals, conference materials, receptions, conference excursion and conference proceedings) is:
  • 970 PLN (before 31st July, 2004)
  • 1100 PLN (after 31st July, 2004)
  • Accompanying persons: 800 PLN
(current exchange rate 1 EUR = 4.5 PLN, 1USD = 3.6 PLN) The payment should be transferred in Polish currency (PLN) to the account:
IBAN PL 83 1060 0076 0000 4010 5000 1218
swift code: BPHKPLPK
All bank charges are on the account of the payer. Please, state on the payment documents the names of the participants. Regrettably, no refunds are possible.
Exceptionally, participants from abroad may pay the fee directly upon arrival in Bedlewo in Polish currency only but they must register themselves by sending information via Internet to the Conference Secretary by July 31st, 2004.
As you certainly know, Bedlewo is a small village located about 20 km away from Poznan. Despite such short distance Bedlewo is rather hardly accesible with public transportation system. Thus, to make your travel easier, we plan to rent buses, which will transport you directly to Bedlewo Conference Center. To arrange all things effectively, we need to know HOW, WHEN and WHERE do you plan to arrive to and departure from Poland? Send this information to Symposium Organizers as soon as possible, please.

As a starting point of your Polish route we recommend Poznan City Airport, which is connected (via Warsaw) both with France and Israel. Additional information will be posted on this web page at the beginning of September.


Monday, September 27th
       8.00:20.00Arrival & Registration
Tuesday, September 28th
       8.50Opening address
Rare Earth Spectroscopy
       9.00:9.30M.-F. Joubert
       9.30:10:00A. Wojtowicz
       10.00:10.30P. Boutinaud
       10.30:11:00P. Deren
 11.00:11.30Coffee break
       11.30:12:00F. Pelle
       12.00:12.30W. Strek
       12.30:13.00B. Moine
Molecular and polymer spectroscopy
       15.00:15.30G. Boiteux
       15.30:16:00R. Tenne
       16.00:16.30J. Ulanski
       16.30:17:00J. Zyss
 17.00:17.30Coffee break
Rare earth spectroscopy
       17.30:18.00J. C. Gacon
       18.00:18.30M. Grinberg
       18.30:19.00J. Legendziewicz
       20.30Poster session
Wednesday, September 29th
       9.00:13:30Conference excursion
Rare earth spectroscopy
       15.00:15.30P. Goldner
       15.30:16.00W. Ryba-Romanowski
       16.00:16.30M. Roth
       16.30:17:00J. Garcia. Sole
       17.00:17.30Coffee break
Nonlinear problems
       17.30:18.00B. Boulanger
       18.00:18.30G. Montemezzani
Lasers and optics
       18.30:19.00G. Panczer
 20.00Conference Dinner
Thursday, September 30th
       9.00:9.30R. Reisfeld
       9.30:10.00R. Mahiou
       10.00:10.30A. Gedanken
       10.30:11.00E. Lifshitz
       11.00:11.30Coffee break
Lasers and optics
       11.30:12.00P. Moretti
       12.00:12.30M. Gaft
       12.30:13.00G. Boulon
       13.00Closing address