International PhD Studies
International PhD Studies at IP PAS
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Offered research topics
Spectroscopy and electron microscopy of crystals and semiconductor structures
Rotational spectroscopy of molecules and intermolecular complexes
Magnetic heterostructures
Metallic nanostructures with magnetic properties for spintronics
Prospective magnetic materials for the energy industry
Low-dimensional II-VI group semiconductor structures
Molecular photophysicsc
Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Quantum nitride and oxide structures
Electron Transmission Microscopy
Determination of structural properties of new materials with high resolution
X-ray diffraction
High-Spin States of Cation Vacancies in GaN
Order and magnetic interaction in semiconductor structures and multilayers
High pressure spectroscopy of crystals and semiconducting quantum structures
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of new functional materials
New scintillating and luminescent materials for optoelectronic applications
Spectroscopy of heavy alkali metal dimers