International PhD Studies
International PhD Studies at IP PAS
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Offered research topics
ON 1
Magnetic interactions and anomalous Hall effect in semiconductor multiferroics based on GeMnTe and SnMnTe crystals doped with Si
ON 5
Quantum fluctuations in ultracold gases
Simulation of quantum droplets
Theoretical studies of multi-component Bose-Einstein condensates
Crystal surface dynamics
Liquid quantum self-bound systems
ON 4
Investigations of ZnO/Zn(Mg,Cd)O quantum heterostructures - the way to green light emitters
ZnO microcavities and optimization of monolithic ZnO/ZnMgO and Zn1-xMgxO/ Zn1-yMgyO Bragg reflectors
Multiscale molecular dynamics of disordered proteins and their complexes
Ultrafast crystallization of metallic glasses
ON 6
Topological effects in condensed matter systems
Magnetic impurities in topological materials - computer simulations
ON 2
Spectroscopy of heavy alkali metal dimers
Microphysics of Coulomb explosions
Photonic phenomena and luminescence in spherical microdroplet resonators
Investigation of thermodynamics of evaporation of multi-component microdroplets - distillation at microscale
White luminescence of organic molecule as a function of its structure
Spin dynamics in covalently linked radical ion pairs