International PhD Studies
International PhD Studies at IP PAS
In order to be admitted to the Graduate Studies the applicant must successfully pass the qualification interview.
In 2017 the interviews will be held on

June27th and September 12th-13th

(Applications before June 23th and September 8th, respectively)

Download files:
Enquiry: PDF, DOC
The following documents should be submitted prior to the interview:

1. A University diploma or certified duplicate (not just a photocopy) inclusive
of the academic record
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the Master Degree thesis
4. 3 photos (1 photo of size 4,5x6,5cm, 2 photos of size 3,5x4,5cm)
5. Application to the Director of this Institute
6. Filled enquiry (załącznik)
7. A photocopy of the passport (for non-Polish citizens)

Copies of the documents can also be sent to the address
(in this case the original documents with photographs should be submitted to the office
of PhD studies on interview day).

After determining the number of candidates the hours of interviews are set. We inform candidates about the interview schedule by e-mail. Interviews are held at the Institute
of Physics - Al. Lotników 32/46.

Candidates can obtain detailed information from the  office of the International PhD Studies located at the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, room 207, second floor.
Tel: (48-22) 843-70-01 ext. 2122 or (48-22) 843-25-09,

Application procedure.

1. The PhD Studies at the Institute start on the 1st of October. Usually there are two dates for qualification interviews which are announced well in advance on this web page where the set of necessary documents is listed. We accept electronic copies of documents, however the originals must be delivered on the day of interview.
The most important document is the certified university diploma together with the academic record. According to Polish law, we can only accept those candidates for our PhD Studies who have obtained a Master of Science degree or equivalent. Candidates who have diplomas from outside Poland should contact the Head of the International PhD Studies before making their application (

2. The qualification interview is conducted by a commission consisting of at least 4 members containing one of the Directors of the Institute and the Head of the PhD Studies. The applicant, using prepared presentation should show the main results of his MSc thesis and answer several questions concerning the thesis and general physics. Usually the qualification interview is conducted directly i.e. the applicant is present in the Institute. Recently, however, some qualification interviews have been conducted via the internet. This kind of the interview is possible in exceptional cases with approval from the Director but should be well motivated and the Institute certainly will not accept it as a rule.

3. The Institute will help with visa matters and will issue the necessary documents. Unfortunately due to financial reasons the Institute cannot cover the travel and other expenses related to qualification interviews.

Acceptance and financial support.

1. The final acceptance of a student is decided by the Director of the Institute about 2 weeks before the beginning of the academic year.

2. Most of the students are financially supported by our scholarships. At present its value is equal to 1700 PLN. The support depends, however, on the results of the qualification interview in the case of first year students and the achievements during the later years of study.

3. The Institute is the owner of a small hotel. Part of this hotel is reserved for students of the PhD Studies. If a student does not live in this hotel, rents a flat in Warszawa and his permanent address is more than 40 km from Warszawa he may apply for a special subsidy which is approximately 20% of the scholarship in value.

4. After registering the commencement of the PhD. degree conferment procedure the scholarship increases by 150 PLN.
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