List of invited speakers

  1. J. Adamowski (Cracow)
  2. Transport and Capacitance Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots
  3. T. Amand (Toulouse)
  4. Coherent Manipulations in Semiconductor Nanostructures
  5. Y. Arakawa (Tokyo)
  6. Nitrides - Quantum Transport, Material Aspects, Applications
  7. R. Buczko (Warsaw)
  8. Bonding Arrangements at the Si/Si02 Interface
  9. J. Cibert (Grenoble)
  10. Ferromagnetism in II-VI Based Semiconductor Structures
  11. L. Eaves (Nottingham)
  12. Breakdown of the Dissipationless Quantum Hall State:  Quantised Steps and Analogies with Classical and Quantum Fluid Dynamics  
  13. J.-M. Gerard (Bagneux)
  14. Quantum Dots: Artificial Atoms for Solid-State Cavity-Quantum Electrodynamics
  15. P. Kossacki (Warsaw)
  16. Spectroscopic Studies of Charged Exciton
  17. J. Lagowski (Tampa)
  18. From The Polish School of Semiconductors to XXI Century Enterprise
  19. D. Loss (Basel)
  20. Quantum Dots and Quantum Computing
  21. A.H. MacDonald (Austin)
  22.   Confinement, Disorder, and Correlations in (III,Mn)V Ferromagnetism
  23. D.K. Maude (Grenoble)
  24. Breakdown of the Quantum Hall Effect
  25. A. Patane (Nottingham)
  26. Imaging the Electron Wave Function in Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
  27. P. Perlin (Warsaw)
  28. The Role of Internal Electric Fields in III-N Quantum Structures
  29. M. Skowronski (Pittsburgh)
  30. Materials Issues in Silicon Carbide Technology
  31. R. Stepniewski (Warsaw)
  32. Magnetooptics of Gallium Nitride
  33. S. Tarucha (Tokyo)
  34. Kondo Effect in Semiconductor Dots
  1. B. Kardynal (Cambridge)
  2. Physics of Quantum Dots
  3. J. Kossut (Warsaw)
  4. Low Dimensional Structures of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
  5. J. Majewski (Muenchen)
  6. Bands, Bonds and Polarizations in Nitrides
  7. H. Sitter (Linz)
  8. Epitaxy - Close and Far Away from Thermodynamic Equilibrium
  9. H. Starnberg (Goeteborg)
  10. Layered Semiconductors and Related Systems
  11. K. I. Wysokinski (Lublin)
  12. Introduction to Quantum Hall Effect

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