Main subject of research:


Experimental studies of:

  • deep-level structure defects in bulk crystals and heterostructures of II-VI and III-V semiconductors
  • magnetotransport phenomena in low-dimensional semiconductor structures and nanostructures of ferromagnetic semiconductors
  • structural and optical (photoluminescence, Raman scattering) properties of semiconductor bulk crystals, thin layers and nanostructures
  • structure, magnetism and lattice dynamics in semiconductors by means of neutron scattering

Contact Information:


Group of physics of structure defects in semiconductors ON-1.4
Department of Semiconductor Physics
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science
Al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: (+48 22) 843-66-01
Fax: (+48 22) 843-09-26
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