Advanced Research Workshop

Low Temperature Quantum Effects
Dynamic Interactions in Technical Applications

29 August - 1 September 2002
Warsaw, POLAND

Sponsored by:

NATO Science Programme,
Centre of Excellence CELDIS,
Polish Academy of Science,
Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering,


EREMENKO Victor, Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
SZYMCZAK Henryk, Polish Academy of Sciences
WIGEN Phil, Ohio State University


Conference House of PAN "Madralin",

Aims and Scope:

Collective phenomena below ordering temperature of solid systems, leading to the coherent motion of the ordered states (spin waves in the systems with magnetically ordered states; critical currents in superconductors, etc.), namely:

  1. In-situ formation and characterization of the solid state structures with the specified interactions;
  2. Observation of the ordered states, their macroscopic manifestation and dynamics under external action in the vicinity of the ordering transition;
  3. Mobility of the ordered structures and the ways of its variation.
  4. Experimental tools;
  5. Kinetics of the ordering transitions. Strain mediated transformations.
Lectures and speakers: