The incoming seminars organized by Institute of Physics PAS

Tuesday 23-04-2019 Theoretical physics seminar
  Dr. Marcin Mińkowski
(University of Vienna)
  Neural-network-based molecular dynamics of point defects in PbTe and CdTe

Tuesday 23-04-2019 Condensed matter physcis seminar
  Dr. Volodimir Popovych
(University of Rzeszów)
  The effect of doping with chlorine on the physical properties of cadmium telluride single crystals grown by sublimation

Wednesday 24-04-2019 Biological physics and bioinformatics seminar
  Prof. Elżbieta Kierzek
(Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, Poznań)
  Influenza virus. RNA secondary structure as a target for new antiviral therapies