Grants from NCN "MAESTRO" project for Prof. Tomasz Dietl and Prof. Zbigniew Kisiel

  We are proud to announce that two projects from our Institute were selected for funding in recent competition "MAESTRO: advanced research grants" organized by the National Science Centre for experienced researchers.

Professor Tomasz Dietl received PLN 3 000 000 (approx. 700 000 Euro)
for the project:
"Quantum phase transitions in magnetic layers controlled with external electric field",

and professor Zbigniew Kisiel received PLN 1 272 700 (approx. 300 000 Euro)
for the project:
"Microwave Fourier spectroscopy of the supersonic expansion using chirped pulses".

MAESTRO projects are aimed at implementing cutting-edge research, including interdisciplinary, important for the development of science and beyond the current state of knowledge.

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